Covirán Granada had to win in order to be proclaimed league champion without having to look at third-party results and Pablo’s team did not fail on the track of a packed Palacio de los Deportes de Granada. A night for the history of an entity that has needed just 10 seasons to be able to reach the ground of returning to the Endesa League.

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With 8,000 spectators in the stands and a gala atmosphere, everything seemed to point from the start that the Palacio de los Deportes de Granada was going to be a party on Friday night. But in the LEB Oro nothing can be taken for granted and for this reason, Covirán Granada burst onto the court ready to impose their style of play from the beginning. A work with special attention to defensive tasks and great care for the small details with which to ensure points in each action. Thus, the overwhelming scoring start of the rojillos experienced its peak with the 5 almost consecutive triples by Germán Martínez to revolutionize the game and put a wide +22 on the scoreboard at halftime (50-28). Little things changed after the break with Niang seizing the rebound on both sides of the court to sign a 9-0 run that ended up breaking the match for a CB Almansa that stopped the match (59-28). From that moment on, the clash became a fight for the Almanso team against the clock against a rival launched for promotion and who did not give them an option during the rest of the game. The victory, the title and promotion were red and black (102-60).

A result that endorsed a promotion that could have come even losing since Movistar Estudiantes, their main pursuer, could not prevail in their visit to Bàsquet Girona. A meeting in which the talent of Marc Gasol once again decided on a victory from Girona that represents an important boost towards the Playoffs to which ICG Força Lleida is walking steadily. And it is that the people of Lleida were able to prevail over a Palmer AM Palma team that only needed to win and that, with their defeat, confirmed relegation to the LEB Plata League.

Because no one wanted to fail from the bottom where Juatisti ISB beat the bottom team Levitec Huesca at home to put in trouble both a CB Prat who could not win on the Acunsa Gipuzkoa track and a CB Almansa who made it difficult to stay after falling in the leader track.


– ICG Força Lleida vs Palmer AM Palma (89-82) | MVP: M. Carrera – 34 val.
– Unicaja Oviedo vs. Melilla Sport Capital (81-79) | MVP: N. Rakocevic – 27 val.
– Basketball Girona vs Movistar Students (70-68) | MVP: M. Gasol – 30 val.
– Zunder Palencia vs. HLA Alicante (83-89) | MVP: Z. Hearst – 40 val.
– Levitec Huesca La Magia vs. Juaristi ISB (74-89) | MVP: J. Lafuente – 34 val.
– Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs. CB Prat (70-63) | MVP: B. Simons – 29 val.
– Leyma Coruña vs. Tau Castelló (78-74) | MVP: J. Vega – 15 val.
– Covirán Granada vs CB Almansa with Afanion (102-60) | MVP: M. Niang – 24 val
– UEMC Real Valladolid vs Cáceres PH (92-75) | MVP: G. Gilbert – 30 val.