last stop of “The Quiniela of the LEB Gold” in a Regular League that will play its last day in a unified way on a Friday night that will take us to look askance at Alicante. Because from there will come the forecasts of a Guillem Arcos (HLA Alicante) who, after being recently summoned by the Spanish Selection 3×3 of category U23, you’ll grab a pen and paper to try to transfer your weekly fortune to your forecast listing. And very attentive because the base of the Alicante team anticipates some surprises such as the defeat of the champion Covirán Granada in his farewell in Cáceres.

With this starting point, Guillem will present a “placid” day for the Playoff teams with a series of victories with which to approach the final phase in the best possible way. And all this without losing sight of a low zone in which Juaristi ISB will be their candidate for relegation with a defeat at home that will come accompanied by a victory for CB Prat in their fief… Will they be correct in their predictions?

J.34: The pool of… Guillem Arcos
Game Forecast
Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs UEMC R. Valladolid two
“Since the arrival of Paco García on the bench, I think that UEMC Real Valladolid is doing really well. They are being a very solid team and they will need to win their last game to be able to be in the Playoffs. They play on a complicated court, but against a rival with nothing at stake”.
MVP: Alec Wintering (UEMC)
Cáceres P. Humanity vs Covirán Granada 1
“Covirán Granada is coming off a week of celebrations after being promoted and, although I am sure they will try to win the game, I think there is much more at stake for Cáceres PH as they seek to reach the Playoffs in the best possible way so they won’t fail.
MVP: Devin Smith (Caceres PH)
CB Almansa with Afanion vs Leyma Coruña two
“CB Almansa is risking their lives in this match and they have to give everything. Their continuity in the category could go through a victory, but I think they won’t have it easy because Leyma Coruña is a good team and is in a great moment of form towards the Playoffs for promotion”.
MVP: Nick Ward (Law)
TAU Castelló vs Acunsa Gipuzkoa 1
“A direct duel for the Playoffs in which TAU Castelló depends on itself by having a victory by margin. Playing at home and counting on the support of their fans, I think they should have no problem winning the game and getting there like this to fight for promotion in the best possible way”.
MVP: Eric Stutz (TAU Castello)
CB Prat vs Levitec Huesca 1
“CB Prat is going to play for permanence against one of the teams that no longer have options. They depend on results from third parties, but the first step for them has to be to win. They are a very tough team on their track and I don’t think have problems to end up resolving in their favor”.
MVP: Yannick Kraag (CB Prat)
Juaristi ISB vs. Zunder Palencia two
“Although it is an important game for Juaristi ISB because permanence is at stake, I think that Zunder Palencia also has its responsibility in this game since, after a defeat, winning and being able to do it with good feelings will be important for to the Playoffs for promotion”.
MVP: Micah Speight (Zunder PB)
HLA Alicante vs Basketball Girona 1
“It will be our end of the season and we want to finish the League in the best possible way. For our fans it is a very attractive game due to the arrival of a great team like Girona and a player like Marc Gasol, so we are going to try to offer them a victory with which to thank for your support”.
MVP: Zaid Hearst (HLA Alicante)
Movistar Students vs. Unicaja Banco Oviedo 1
“After two consecutive defeats and having missed the possibility of direct promotion, I think it’s time to turn the page with the support of the fans. Movistar Estudiantes will look for that victory with which to recover sensations and that’s why I think they won’t fail against a tough opponent.”
MVP: Kevin LarsenMovistar
Melilla Sport Capital vs ICG Força Lleida two
“After the season they’ve had, I think that all the pressure has been removed at ICG Força Lleida and that they’re going to face this final stretch with the greatest enthusiasm. This game will be important when it comes to getting sensations and I don’t think fail on their visit to Melilla”.
MVP: Michael Carrera (ICG FL)

In previous sessions…

Last chance in this Regular League for a participant to achieve full successes in “The Quiniela of the LEB Gold” for the first time during this course. To do this or, if it were not possible, to be able to hunt down a Eric Vila (Basketball Girona) that he was able to sign an 8/9 to assume the leadership of the season alone for almost the entire course (89%).

On the opposite side of the table, both Carlos Noguerol (HLA Alicante) What Adams Alone (Movistar Students) They have acted as colistas after setting their success at 3/9 in their respective participations (33%).

The pool of the day in the LEB Oro
Working day Player – Team hits Link
1 Pere Tomàs (Covirán Granada) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
two Alex Llorca (Melilla Sport Capital) 5 / 9 (56%) Football pools
3 Chumi Ortega (EasyCharger) 5 / 9 (56%) Football pools
4 Alonso Meana (Unicaja Oviedo) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
5 Marc Peñarroya (Palmer AM) 5 / 9 (56%) Football pools
6 Michael Carrera (ICG Lleida) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
7 Devon van Oostrum (Levitech) 3 / 9 (34%) Football pools
8 Pablo Hernandez (TAU) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
9 Mikel Sanz (Leyma Coruna) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
10 Xabi Beraza (Delteco GBC) 5 / 9 (56%) Football pools
eleven Javi Beiran (Students) 4 / 9 (44%) Football pools
12 Ibon Guridi (Juaristi ISB) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
13 Kevin Bercy (CB Almansa) 4 / 9 (44%) Football pools
14 Juan Garcia-Abril (UEMC RVB) 4 / 9 (44%) Football pools
fifteen Eric Vila (Basketball Girona) 8 / 9 (89%) Football pools
16 Carlos Noguerol (HLA Alicante) 3 / 9 (34%) Football pools
17 Jaume Lobo (Cáceres PH) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
18 Arnau Parrado (CB Prat) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
19 David Iriarte (Covirán Granada) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
twenty Pablo Sanchez (Melilla SC) 5 / 9 (56%) Football pools
twenty-one Noah Allen (Easy Charger) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
22 Sean McDonnell (Unicaja Oviedo) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
23 Wesley Van Beck (Palmer AM) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
24 David Cuellar (ICG Força Lleida) 5 / 9 (56%) Football pools
25 Xavi Rey (Levitec Huesca The Magic) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
26 Oscar Alvarado (TAU Castello) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
27 Atou Diagne (Leyma Coruna) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
28 Ander Martinez (Acunsa GBC) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
29 Adams Alone (Movistar Students) 3 / 9 (33%) Football pools
30 Manex Ansorregi (Juaristi ISB) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
31 Robertas Grabauskas (CB Almansa) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
32 Jordy Kuiper (UEMC RV) 4 / 9 (44%) Football pools
33 Jaume Sorolla (Basketball Girona) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
3. 4 Guillem Arcos (HLA Alicante) ———- Football pools
Absolute records in “La Quiniela”
Working day Player – Team hits Link
Sergio Pino
(Melilla Bto)
7 / 7 (100%) Football pools
Albert Sabat
(Ford Burgos)
7 / 7 (100%) Football pools
Alvaro Lobo
7 / 7 (100%) Football pools
End PO
Angel Hernandez
(Law Coruna)
5 / 5 (100%) Football pools
Carlos Martinez
(Law Coruna)
9 / 9 (100%) Football pools
Sergio Huguet
(Palmer Mediterranean Soul)
9 / 9 (100%) Football pools
Joel Sabate
(TAU Castello)
9 / 9 (100%) Football pools