With the great attraction that the dispute of a Basque derby already supposes, the match played in San Sebastián on Thursday night found an added incentive on the track. Because the fans who came to the Josean Gasca were able to witness the best performance of the day personified in the figure of a Leia Dongue (Kutxabank Araski) intractable throughout the last few weeks. This is demonstrated by the last two performances of the Mozambican player where she has promoted Madelen Urieta’s team with her quality.

In the case of the match played yesterday against IDK Euskotren, with a performance composed of 23 points (11/16 TC), 5 rebounds, 4 assists and a foul received for a total of 24 valuation goals. Some numbers that were worth the second in a row for the Vitoria team and, what is more important, a new triumph with which to approach the dispute of a Queen’s Cup that is already on the horizon.

Because with Dongue on the court, everything will be a little easier for a team willing to roar with force.

Anecdotal section:

Champion of the LF Endesa with Spar Girona three years ago, Mozambican Leia Dongue seems to be at the moment in the best moment of her career. This is supported by his numbers in the Kutxabank Araski and, especially, the two consecutive awards with which he has driven a team that had arrived last summer in the table. In this way, the Mozambican interior acts as the most outstanding player in recent weeks where she has once again driven a team that accumulates two consecutive victories.

The ideal quintet of the day:

Pleasant night of return to the competition for the members of an ideal quintet in which each and every one of its members was decisive for the victory of their respective teams. Without a doubt the most valuable condition on a night where Melisa Gretter (Movistar Students) assumed the weight of the leadership of the Madrid team to break the negative streak of the team. A paper that, just a few kilometers away, emulated a Angela Salvadores (Valencia Basket) in a great moment of form and that he resolved in favor of his team in Leganés. Between the two, they shaped a perimeter that was completed since the arrival of the Canary Islands with the brightness of a Kennedy Burke (Spar Girona) fundamental in the broad triumph of Girona.

Already in interior positions, the weight of the game came from the Basque Country with the MVP Leia Dongue (Kutxabank Araski) shining in Vitoria paint to decide the Basque derby. A great performance on a night where Melisa Brcaninovic (Lointek Gernika) he became strong at five to boost a team that managed to balance its balance of victories in the table.

Melisa Gretter (Movistar Students) 18 val: 19 points (7/12 TC), 4 rebounds, 1 assists and 1 foul received.
Shooting guard: Angela Salvadores (Valencia Basket)
23 val: 16 points (7/11 TC), 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 recovery and 5 fouls received.
Eaves: Kennedy Burke (Spar Girona) 23 val: 18 points (8/11 TC), 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 recovery and 2 blocks.
Power forward: Leia Dongue (Kutxabank Araski)
24 val: 23 points (11/16 TC), 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 received foul.
Pivot: Melisa Brcaninovic (Lointek Gernika)
22 val: 14 points (6/10 TC), 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 recoveries.

Season Stats – Leia Dongue:

Played games: 8
Minutes: 25.19
Points: 14.3
Rebounds: 7.9
Assists: 1.5
Recoveries: 0.9
Caps: 0.3
Fouls received: 3.5
Rating: 15,5

Sports career – Leia Dongue:

2012/15: August 1 (Angola)
2015/16: CB Al-Qázeres Extremadura (LF2)
2016/17: August 1 (Angola)
2017/18: Lointek Gernika (LF Endesa)
2018/19: Cegledi (Hungary)
Spar Girona (LF Endesa)
2019/20: Campus Promete (LF Endesa)
2020/21: Nantes (France)
2021/22: Kutxabank Araski (LF Endesa)