It will not be an easy season given the difficulty of a category that was unknown to date, but in the Movistar Students seem to catch the pulse of a LEB Gold League in which they added their seventh win of the course this weekend.

A victory that came at the undefeated WiZink Center, against the CB Almansa Afanion and after a great meeting in which the Montenegrin shone with his own light Nemanja Djurisic.

A player who stood out with 27 points (5/5 TL and 9/11 TC), 2 rebounds and 7 fouls received for a total of 30 valuation points. The most valuable, without any doubt, of this start of the season.

Anecdotal section:

A decade of basketball accumulates Nemanja Djurisic in his backpack and seven are the countries in which the Montenegrin pivot has been gaining international experience. A condition that has led him to shine in the United States, Poland, Germany, Belgium or Turkey and that has led to his first award as MVP in the LEB Gold League this weekend. A competition he came to with experience previously in the Endesa League and with the sole objective of being able to return his team to the highest national competition.

The ideal quintet of the day:

Really valuable was the contribution to their teams of the five members of the ideal quintet of the day since all of them ended up transforming their credits into a series of prestigious victories.

The first of them, the one achieved in the Barris Nord by a Thomas Schreiner (ICG Força Lleida) whose seniority is leading the team from Lleida to complete a great start to the season. Because the Austrian exterior was as decisive as his companions on the perimeter, aside from the escort Gerel Simmons (HLA Alicante) and another the eaves Noah Allen (EasyCharger Palencia).

Although the MVP fell back on this occasion in an inside game in which Nemanja Djurisic (Movistar Students) catapulted Madrid to the leadership, well supported by a Joey Van Zegeren (HLA Alicante) determining factor in the exciting Alicante triumph.

Thomas Schreiner (ICG Força Lleida) 27 val: 13 points (5/5 TL and 3/4 TC), 4 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 fouls received.
Shooting guard: Gerel Simmons (HLA Alicante) 26 val: 21 points (4/4 TL and 8/14 TC), 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 fouls received.
Eaves: Noah Allen (EasyCharger Palencia) 25 val: 17 points (2/2 TL and 6/12 TC), 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 recovery and 2 fouls received.
Power forward: Nemanja Durisic (Movistar Students) 30 val: 27 points (5 / 5TL and 9/11 TC), 2 rebounds and 7 fouls received.
Pivot: Joey Van Zegeren (HLA Alicante) 28 val: 19 points (5/8 TL and 7/8 TC), 9 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 blocks and 5 fouls received.

Season statistics – Nemanja Djurisic:

Played games: 3
Minutes: 21.50
Points: 14.3
Rebounds: 4.7
Assists: 1
Recoveries: 0.3
Plugs: —
Fouls received: 4.3
Rating: 15,7

Sports career – Nemanja Durisic:

Training Categories: KK Budocnost Podgorica (Montenegro)
2011/15: University of Georgia (NCAA USA)

2015/17: Basket Zielona Gorá (TBL – Poland)
2017/18: Telekom Baskets Bonn (BBL – Germany)
2018/19: BC Oostende (BNTX – Belgium)
2019/20: Besiktas JK (TBL – Turkey)
2020/21: Movistar Students (Endesa League)
2021/22: Movistar Students (LEB Gold)