LF Endesa has returned to the slopes this Thursday night after the FIBA ??Window dispute and has done so with a lot of spectacle throughout the country. Especially above where Perfumerías Avenida starred in its best match of the season to remain the leader of a league in which Spar Girona or Valencia Basket pressed hard with two other solid victories.

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Perfumerías Avenida returned to the competition to defend for the first time their status as a solo leader and the Salamanca team did not disappoint their fans in the least. Because those of Roberto Íñiguez entered the track with an unusual starting five but that turned to sign an initial 8-0 set over three minutes in which Durán Maquinaria Ensino was not able to find the rival ring. Thus, the azulón team began to put land in the middle on the scoreboard against a rival led by an ex-member of the house like Miguel Ángel Ortega and who could not stop the offensive momentum of his rival. In this way, Íñiguez was able to perfectly manage the minutes of the game after the FIBA ??Window, awarding the first of the course to a Kahleah Copper that debuted with a note on the Würzburg floor with a 2 + 1 in its first action and that stood out as a of the best actions of the authoritarian local victory (89-39).

Although the wide advantage achieved by the leader of the category did not help Perfumerías Avenida to increase the differences since their pursuers did not lower the piston either. A statement that was based on the parquet of the Santiago Martín de Tenerife where Spar Girona managed to win by 39 points to a Tenerife that was surpassed by the 0-15 start of the Girona. And it is that, from that moment, the differences did not stop increasing in favor of a team that thus signed their best match of the course (59-98). For its part, Valencia Basket sent from start to finish on their visit to Innova tsn Leganés who could do little against the great superiority of their rival. A clash in which Rubén Burgos’ men, even without Cristina Ouviña, knew how to perfectly control the game tempo thanks to an inspired Angela Salvadores who completely annulled a rival lacking rotation in the paint (41-64).

Although it was their neighbors from Cadí La Seu who obtained one of the most valuable triumphs of the day since their triumph against Campus Promete allowed Bernat Canut’s team to break a negative streak of two games without winning to settle in Cup positions de la Reina (68-59). A Cup that Kutxabank Araski is approaching thanks to its second consecutive win, this time in the Basque derby against an IDK Euskotren who suffered from his irregular third quarter (62-81). A fifth victory with which to place a step ahead of a Lointek Gernika that managed to balance its qualifying balance with an important victory against Baxi Ferrol (72-59).

And the emotion came, how could it be otherwise, from below, where the soothing victory of Movistar Estudiantes against Casademont Zaragoza, together with the hard-fought victory of Pajariel Bembibre on the Spar Gran Canaria track has revolutionized a permanence in which five teams are tied down with two wins in their locker room.

On Sunday, a new round with another 8 matches with a lot at stake …


– Spar Gran Canaria vs Pajariel Bembibre (48-52) | MVP: Sika Koné – 20 rating
– IDK Euskotren vs Kutxabank Araski (62-81) | MVP: Leia Dongue – 24 rating
– Cadí La Seu vs Campus Promete (68-59) | MVP: Mikayla Pivec – 23 rating
– Lointek Gernika vs Baxi Ferrol (72-50) | MVP: Melisa Brcaninovic – 22 rating
– Tenerife vs Spar Girona (59-98) | MVP: Kennedy Burke – 23 rating
– Innova tsn Leganés vs Valencia Basket (41-64) | MVP: Angela Salvadores – 23 rating
– Avenida Perfumeries vs Durán M. Ensino (89-39) | MVP: Leo Rodríguez – 20 rating
– Movistar Estudiantes vs Casademont Zaragoza (73-64) | MVP: Laura Quevedo – 19 rating