It has not been an easy path, but Movistar Estudiantes has managed to masterfully solve the first stage of the competition to reach the stoppage for the FIBA ??Windows as the leader of the category. A condition assured on Friday night with his victory in a Multipurpose Cáceres in which Edwin Jackson was decisive from the perimeter.

FORECASTS: 7/9 In the pool of … Iñaki Sanz (Leyma Coruña)

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Cáceres P. Humanidad came to send the electronic mail during some sections of the first half, even counting with six rental points, but when the hottest moments of the match arrived, Movistar Estudiantes’s pulse did not tremble. Especially an Edwin Jackson protagonist of the two triples that broke the crash when there were only three minutes left to play. And it is that, until that moment, those of Jota Cuspinera had had to work really hard to impose on a rival who knew how to overcome the losses to get to play with great confidence. But Movistar Estudiantes is the leader due to the end of the game like this Friday, where team talent was once again decisive (62-71).

Thus, the Madrilenians starred in one of the three visiting victories of a night in which the wide victory of the EasyCharger Palencia in Huesca stood out, where Allen’s points were decisive for Pedro Rivero’s team to sign the second consecutive (70-103). Somewhat tighter was the outcome of the Pisuerga meeting where Melilla Sport Capital knew how to better manage the final bars. Thus, those of Arturo Álvarez achieved imposing after 40 minutes of equality and in a final match in which the free throws by Álex Llorca could not be neutralized by a UEMC Real Valladolid who wasted his last two attacks with steps (68- 72). For their part, TAU Castelló achieved the only local win of the night by beating an ISB Juaristi at home who resisted during the first half before giving in to an unstoppable Hermanson on both sides of the track (92-83).

Already on Saturday afternoon, the Covirán Granada fans were able to enjoy the best individual performance so far this season with the good work of a Lluis Costa who scored 39 valuation goals to mark the way forward for his team. A player who led the way to victory with 24 points in a superb first half and who finished off the task in a second half in which ICG Força Lleida did not lower their arms despite the defeat (94-84). The best preamble to the most exciting duel of the day, that of a Municipal of Almansa in which Fran Pilepic rose to score a winning bomb two seconds from the end with which to tip the balance in favor of HLA Alicante. All this after 40 minutes of equality and a final match in which CB Almansa came to be ahead in the absence of the last play (72-73).

The day was completed on Sunday evening and it was done with three games full of emotion. The first of them with the victory at home of a CB Prat that takes air in the fight for permanence after beating Palmer Alma Mediterránea and the second, with a new victory for an Acunsa Gipuzkoa that had to go to extra time to win. in extra time to a Girona Basketball that could not avoid its seventh consecutive defeat. Although it was in the last of them that one of the main news of the day arrived with the defeat of Leyma Coruña in his fiefdom, after six consecutive victories and at the hands of a Unicaja Banco Oviedo that continues to grow by leaps and bounds in the competition.


– TAU Castelló vs Juaristi ISB (92-83) | MVP: C. Hermanson – 30 val.
– UEMC Real Valladolid vs Melilla Sport Capital (68-72) | MVP: A. Wintering – 18 val.
– Cáceres P. Humanidad vs Movistar Estudiantes (62-71) | MVP: B. Mbala – 21 val.
– Levitec Huesca vs EasyCharger Palencia (70-103) | MVP: N. Allen – 30 val.
– Covirán Granada vs ICG Força Lleida (94-84) | MVP: L. Costa – 39 val.
– CB Almansa with Afanion vs HLA Alicante (72-73) | MVP: G. Simmons – 22 val.
– Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs CB Prat (73-76) | MVP: A. Parrado – 27 val.
– Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs Bàsquet Girona (85-81) | MVP: G. Pereira – 31 val.
– Leyma Coruña vs Unicaja Banco Oviedo (61-83) | MVP: H. Frey – 23 val.