Jaan puidet (Tallinn, Estonia; January 4, 1992), Estonian combo, landed in Pisuerga with the 2020/2021 season already started and to make up for the loss of his compatriot and friend Martin Paasoja. And as soon as he arrived, he became a fundamental piece for the team. In his first games as Blanquivioleta he averaged more than 10 points per game with a percentage of accuracy close to 60%, in addition to his defensive contribution to the other side of the court, the main virtue of the Baltic player.

Despite an injury to the volar plate of the middle interphalangeal of the second finger of his right hand during the month of March, Jaan Puidet managed to return to the courts to play a total of 14 games with UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto and play a average of 21 and a half minutes that endorse his weight in the team. The ‘6’ blanquivioleta, thus, has signed 6.7 points with very good percentages (70.4% in shots of two and 41.7% in triples), 2.5 rebounds, an assist and 6.6 PIR credits, bordering the outstanding during his first season in the Pucela.

Under the orders of Roberto González, who already has six troops, Jaan Puidet will play a second season in Pisuerga and will contribute his character, work behind and exterior versatility for the UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto 2021/2022.

“I am very happy, I have fitted in very well with the culture and the Club”

“Happy” to face a second year defending the blanquivioleta, Jaan Puidet showed his satisfaction with the renewal agreement reached with Pucela. “I have been waiting all summer for this negotiation to take place. I am a loyal player and last year this Club gave me the opportunity and in many respects I believe that the conditions have been met satisfactorily, and that is one of the main reasons for my continuity. I love the city, the people at the Club and I feel that I have fitted in very well with the culture. The people there give everything and it is like a family; for me there is nothing greater than that ”, valued the Tallinn player.

For his part, Roberto González also showed his satisfaction for being able with the work of Jaan Puidet during the upcoming 2021/2022. “With its renewal we ensure the presence of an experienced player, who knows the competition and our Club. He can play in all outside positions, is able to play direct blocks, help rebound and is a good defender. We are very happy to be able to incorporate him again ”, highlighted the UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto coach.