Jaime Cunha and Javier Puerta, the shared MVP of the emergencies for the permanence

This week’s MVP is shared by two players from modest teams who are fighting to maintain the category. Jaime Cunha-Lisboa (MSG Seguros ADC Boadilla) and Javier Puerta (Conciencia2 CB Aldaia) vindicate the Spanish player ‘one club men’.


The EBA League is coming to an end and, although the eyes are directed to the teams in the upper zone of the classification, with the passports at stake for the Final Phase, the MVP reminds us of the modest teams in their fight for permanence. This week’s award goes to the young Javier Puerta, escort of Conscience2s CB Aldaia, and Jaime Cunah-Lisbon, the Madrid forward for MSG Seguros Boadilla.

Jaime Cunha-Lisboa spent 40 minutes on the track in the important duel between his MSG Seguros ADC Boadilla and Autocares Rodríguez Daimiel. He could not prevent the defeat, but he had an excellent 22 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 recoveries and 7 fouls received, for a total of 38 PIR.

Jaime is a 28-year-old 2.00-meter forward, trained at Movistar Estudiantes but who has spent his entire senior career at ADC Boadilla. In his first season in the EBA League, he is making good numbers, averaging 10.4 points and 8.9 rebounds per game, with an average valuation of more than 20 points.

Javier Puerta played 38 minutes in the match between his team, Conciencia2s CB Aldaia, and CB Tabernes Blanques Fernando Gil. Like his MVP teammate, he could not get the victory either, but he scored 19 points, grabbed 11 rebounds, distributed 8 assists, recovered 4 balls and received 10 fouls, for a total of 38 PIR. All in 37 minutes of play.

The young 22-year-old guard has now been in the EBA League for four seasons, in which he has already played 99 games. Year after year he has been improving his numbers and this season he averages 10.8 points, 3.6 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 10.0 points of evaluation per game.

Group AA – Round 21
Points: Juan Martin Orellano (CB Santurtzi): 30
Bounces: Javier Lacunza (CB Valle Egües): 16
Assessment: Juan Martin Orellano (CB Santurtzi): 36

Group AB – Round 21
Points: D. Melero (Inmapa Philippians) and I. Diarra (Conspur Bezana): 26
Bounces: Muhamed Kiris (Conspur Bezana): 17
Assessment: David melero (Inmapa Filipenses Group): 34

Group AC – Round 21
Points: S. Shelton (KFC Culleredo): 21
Bounces: Ruben Rey (Calvo Xiria): 14
Assessment: Ruben Rey (Calvo Xiria): 14

Group B-Classification 1 – Round 5
Points: Eduardo Gomez (Study and Lazaro Gonzalez (CB The Slaughter): 15
Bounces: Romén hernandez (CB The Slaughter): 10
Assessment: Jorge Garzon (Study): 18

Group B-Classification 2 – Round 5
Points: Danilo Brnovic (Nautical Tenerife): 24
Bounces: Danilo Brnovic (Nautical Tenerife): 8
Assessment: Danilo Brnovic (Nautical Tenerife): 26

Group B-Classification 3 – Round 5
Points: Luis de Barros (Uros Rivas): 21
Bounces: Hector Alderete (Movistar Students): 11
Assessment: Luis de Barros (Uros Rivas): 22

Group B-Permanence – Round 11
Points: Luis Valera (Lujisa Guadalajara): 26
Bounces: Paulo Rodriguez (Aloe Plus Lanzarote): 11
Assessment: Jaime Cunha (MGS Seguros Boadilla): 38

Group DA – Semifinals First Leg
Points: I. Diagne (Jaén PI Andújar) and R Pereira (CB La Zubia): 19
Bounces: Ibrahima Diagne (Jaén PI Andújar): 12
Assessment: Ibrahima Diagne (Jaén PI Andújar): 27

Group E-Classification – Round 16
Points: Adrian Galvez (Safir Fruits Alginet): 23
Bounces: Pablo Bono (Paternal NB): 18
Assessment: Carlos Cerdan (Paternal Nou Basketball): 33

Group E-Relegation – Round 16
Points: Mario linde (Inalco Alcora Caixa Rural): 30
Bounces: David Tirado (Inalco Alcora Caixa Rural): 12
Assessment: Javier Puerta (Conscience2s CB Aldaia): 38

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