Jaime Fernandez (Madrid, 1993), as well as Unicaja Malaga, is on the verge of a season that must be special. The Madrilenian He has left behind an injury that has had him playing a year and a half below his level.l. Now, look forward to the future and serves BRAND to chat about a summer that has left a lot of news in the Carpena.

Question. The fans have been happy with the preseason …

Answer. That’s good, we are happy too. We are winning games and we are happy with the work we are doing, but this is preseason. Do not go crazy. What counts is La Liga. I have had many preseason in different ways, some have been good others have been bad and that’s it. The sensations are very good, but you have to keep going.

We are happy with the work we are doing, but this is preseason, we must not go crazy, what counts is the League

P. After a horrible year, many changes have come to the club.

R. I think that changes always come in handy, they bring new energy. We are in the same club, with the same people, but with different things. Personally, it is essential to have fun on the track. If I don’t, I’m not going to do good basketball. It is something that the players, for now, have been good for us. We are very happy with the change.

Jaime Fernández, along with Fotis Katsikaris during a Unicaja training session.
Jaime Fernández, along with Fotis Katsikaris during a Unicaja training session.UNICAJABFOTOPRESS

Q. How about López Nieto, the new president?

R. We feel cared and protected in all aspects or in any concern that we may have. This is how they have transmitted it to us. At the moment we are delighted to wear this shirt. We know the responsibility of wearing the Unicaja shirt. We are in the same boat rowing to try to have a good season. We had a couple of meetings with him early in the preseason. We know it’s there. We can have a more direct contact with Juanma [Rodríguez]. Both he and Antonio Jesús travel with us to the games and we see them in the dynamics of the club.

For me, having fun on the court is essential, if I don’t do it, I’m not going to do a good basketball.

P. Unicaja has changed the Euroleague for the Champions League.

A. As a player you always want to play the Euroleague, but as it is made it is quite expensive. It’s a new, beautiful competition and I’m excited. I like it because I have seen how other Spanish clubs have been given a push upwards. I think that right now the Eurocup is a competition that is a bit stagnant. That is why the BCL is a beautiful competition, they are taking great care of it. With a well thought out format for clubs. I think it is exciting for everyone. When the ball starts rolling, people will forget whether this is called the Eurocup or the Euroleague. The only thing he is going to want is for Unicaja to win.

Jaime Fernández poses with the basketball cart before Unicaja's training session.
Jaime Fernández poses with the basketball cart before Unicaja’s training session.UNICAJABFOTOPRESS

P. And above the public returns to Carpena.

R. The issue of the fans is very important to us. We already played the Costa del Sol Tournament with 2,000 people. Now that they can come almost double the capacity it is very nice. We need them. Malaga is a very basketball city. Basketball is breathed in every corner. We feel and notice Carpena’s support. We are very excited about the new season.

P. There are also new colleagues.

R. The changes that have been made were looking for things that we have still lacked. With Eric and Barreiro we have that physique, and Norris is that point guard that, unfortunately, we did not have. You can also play two. They are three very competitive players and adding people like that is good. From what I can see they are. They are going to be very good for us to bring out that character and I think they are successful signings.

The foot injury gave me a lot of headaches, but they are almost forgotten

Q. Is the injury already forgotten?

R. On a physical level, this preseason I feel very good. I’ve done a great job in the summer. I have much less pain, I have almost forgotten them. That foot injury gave me a lot of headaches. I still have a lot of room for improvement. I am without pain and quite well. I’m optimistic. On a physical level I have been very well, it is not by chance because everything goes with work, I hope to help the team, be as I have been and even better and have a good season

P. Do you see that this year can be important in your career?

A. It has been a very productive summer. It has given me time to do everything, to rest and also to work well. I have returned to recover those good feelings that I had. I think I have come in very good shape and I have very little pain in my body. I am very optimistic. I believe that the work that I am going to put in at all times on the track will allow me to have a great season and of course help the team. So sorry. *

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