Jaime Fernández lives a very special change of month. The man from Madrid faces his umpteenth challenge with Sergio Scariolo’s Spanish team while he keeps in suspense what his team will be for next season. His mind is set on the three clashes that he is going to play with Spain, duels in which the point guard is playing for a ticket to the Eurobasket held in early September. “It is clear that the seasons are long and demanding, but coming to the national team is exciting,” he explained to MARCA in an interview. The Eurobasket, his continuity in Malaga and many other issues thoroughly analyzed by the point guard.

Ask. What a longer season, right?

Response. It is clear that the seasons are long, mentally and physically demanding and psychologically tough. But the fact of coming to the selection is exciting. We all know each other, and coming here is a delight because of the atmosphere there. Personally, I have had a few days to rest, some weekends, preparing myself during the week to be here.

Q. The national team is something that excites you a lot…

A. When you wear this jersey, it is not only the goal, but the way of competing, the legacy left by the previous generation of players. Putting it on weighs but you have to do it in the best possible way.

Going to the Eurobasket is something that motivates me, I have prepared myself for it”

Q. And with the Eurobasket just around the corner, right?

R. I have prepared my summer in stages: the first of three weeks of training to get here in the best possible way, then I will continue preparing. If I can be, perfect, and if I can’t be, I will have prepared myself in the best possible way. It is a goal in my life that I would like to achieve. I have to play and train as well as possible. Being here is always a huge pride. If the window opens great, if not, then to something else.

The national team shirt weighs, they have left a brutal legacy”

P. Also with a lot of typesetter in the team…

R. Yes, although with respect to the club, there are differences. In the end you have to build a team in just one week, so the tactical load is important, as well as the physical one. We spare no effort and we have to go 100% from the first moment. These are demanding weeks and we cannot relax despite these weeks of rest. With the people of Unicaja we don’t talk about anything other than the selection.

Q. Speaking of Unicaja, what is known about its future?

A. I don’t have much information. I had a conversation with Juanma Rodríguez when the season ended. I was not told about my future. To date I have not spoken to anyone from Unicaja. I think they are looking at other options from what I see in the press. It is legal and there is no problem.

I am in love with Unicaja, but if you have to change the scene…”

Q. Is that what you see outside?

R. I understand the change of cycle after a bad season. My feeling is that I will not continue in Unicaja. From what I see I think they don’t think about me. But it is true that I cannot say much because I do not have much information.

Q. And what do you think of this silence?

R. You have to accept it and turn the page. There is nothing to blame Unicaja for. What I can think is indifferent. I am a player, I play and this is what it is. Everything can change anyway. Now I am focused on the selection. I have told my agent that when there is something, to let me know. At the moment I belong to Unicaja, which can put me on the scoring list.

I have told my agent that I don’t want to talk about rumours, only about offers and right now there is nothing.”

Q. Although Malaga has made a deep impression on you, hasn’t it?

R. I am in love with Malaga and Unicaja, I have always said so. It is where I have most enjoyed playing basketball. When things go well, basketball is experienced in a special way, although it is true that when things go wrong it is also complicated, but I suppose that is something normal in other places. If you have to change the air, nothing happens.

Q. And in that possible change of scenery… paella or mojo picón?

A. (Laughter). This is a trick question, huh? When I stop belonging to Unicaja, if there is something real, my representative will notify me. I don’t want to know about rumours.

P. From Gran Canaria there have been compliments of Lakovic…

R. I know you like my game. I have known since he was a coach at German Ulm. He is a good coach and he knows the ACB very well and he knows me very well as well. I appreciate his words the other day.

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