TO loins of Jaime Fernández. This is how Unicaja opened the winning record of the season at the Carpena, again with a good atmosphere in the stands. Without Brizuela due to injury, Los Guindos took a game (91-79) that they controlled practically at all times. Obradoiro will have to improve his defensive performance for the second day of the ACB, already just around the corner.

The defenses did not appear in a first quarter loaded with points on both sides of the court. Two baskets by Jaime Fernández opened the season at Carpena. The Madrilenian made a good quarter. Obradoiro started a good set on the back of Scrubb and Ellenson to go from 4-0 to 6-12 in favor of Moncho Fernández’s team. Katsikaris began to move his quintet and the changes made the team react. Norris Cole, Barreiro and Bouteille turned the score around again with a 9-0 run for Unicaja. Nzosa served to intimidate some of the Galician attack and that the Los Guindos team went ahead at the end of the first quarter, (23-19).

Obradoiro began the second act with enthusiasm. Zurbriggen and Viny Okouo finished a couple of steals that brought the Galicians closer to the scoreboard. The reaction lasted what Jaime Fernández took to get into action again. Nine points from Madrid in just two minutes served for Unicaja to put land in the middle. (37-28). That income helped Unicaja to be comfortable during what was left of time until the break. Filipovity and Ellenson kept the visitors on their feet but the composer success was noted. Francis Alonso closed the fourth with a triple on the horn that left the distance in fourteen points for the Malaga players, (49-35).

Those of Carpena smashed the game as soon as the third quarter started. Two triples in a row by Cole and Bouteille took the score to a twenty-point lead, causing Moncho Fernández to time out (55-35). With defensive work and a lot of suffering, Obradoiro was catching air thanks to Zurbriggen and Viny Okouo again. The former Unicaja was in charge of bringing the visitors closer to the scoreboard. It was Abromaitis who again provoked Unicaja’s reaction after the offensive blackout. Unicaja saved the furniture from a bad room and went upstairs in the last ten minutes of the game, (67-55).

Jaime Fernández, the best of Unicaja throughout the game, pulled the car again at the start of the last act. The Madrilenian once again led the team’s attack supported by a Micheal Eric who had a good debut and Nzosa, whose work in the paint was remarkable. Unicaja’s partial was devastating for Obradoiro. The good offensive typewriter did a time-out and put the score at 80-60 in the middle of the quarter. Viny Okou made up, together with Ellenson, a bit of the score in a very interesting game of the center raised in Malaga. Unicaja did not suffer and took the shock.

Data sheet:

91- Unicaja (23 + 26 + 18 + 24): Jaime Fernández (24), Norris Cole (14), Bouteille (18), Barreiro (4), Eric (10) -the starting five-. Alberto Díaz (0), Abromaitis (11), Alonso (6), Nzosa (1), Pablo Sánchez (-), Guerrero (-), Vicedo (0).

79 – Obradoiro (19 + 16 + 20 + 24): Scrubb (9), Robertson (10), Birutis (4), Zurbriggen (10), Ellenson (17), -initial quintet-, Oliver (0), Hobbs (3), Beliauskas (2), Muñoz (2), Filipovity (2), Álex Suárez (3), Okouo (17).

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Rubén Sánchez Mohedas and Joaquín García.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 1 of the Endesa League, played at the José María Martín Carpena Pavilion before 3,368 spectators.