Jaime Fernández, projection and youth for the inside game of Levitec Huesca

Jaime Fernández is the new addition to Levitec Huesca for next season. The 208 cm, 21-year-old power forward from Zaragoza comes on loan from Casademont Zaragoza, a team with which he is currently doing the preseason.


During the past season, the new Peñista power forward played in ACB with the Zaragozano team where he averaged 1.33 points and 1.08 rebounds in the 5.2 minutes he played on average per game.
In addition, Jaime Fernández already met the LEB Oro from the hand of Barça B in the 18/19 season. During that course he averaged 4.47 points and 3.97 rebounds in the nearly 19 minutes he played on average per game.

For the Levitec Huesca coach, Sergio Lamúa, he is a player with “projection and youth”. Two qualities that should “push him to continue growing every day and to help the team more and more”.
Likewise, Lamúa highlights that “due to his characteristics and projection he occupies the position of 4. Despite this, as he is a player with the ability to rebound on both rings and open the field, he is also capable of playing 5”.

For his part, Jaime Fernández himself has indicated that “he is looking forward to starting with the group as soon as possible” and that “he hopes to see all the fans in the pavilion soon”.

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