ANDl UCAM Murcia Basketball Club, with another good choral performance, has passed over a Urbas Fuenlabrada who has practically given up already in the second quarter, in which a 25-5 partial has left the clash almost seen for sentence and has been key in the 99-76 final, with which the granas add their sixth win in nine days and the greens continue with only two.


  • 99. UCAM Murcia Club Baloncesto (29 + 25 + 21 + 24): Taylor (17), Davis (10), Rojas (5), Webb (15) and Lima (2) -five starting-, Bellas (6), Malmanis (2), Radovic (12), McFadden (14), Cate (4), Czerapowicz (10) and Vasileiadis (2).
  • 76. Urbas Fuenlabrada (29 + 5 + 18 + 24): Samar (6), Emegano (13), Vicedo (7), Cheatam (8) and Alexander (12) -starting five-, Armand (19), Ristic ( 2), Álex López (2), Chema González (-), Novak (3) and Eyenga (4).
  • Referees: Juan Carlos García González, Javier Torres Sánchez and Vicente Martínez Silla. Without eliminated.
  • Incidents: Match corresponding to the ninth day of the Endesa Basketball League that was played at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia before 4,376 spectators.

The meeting, which for Sito Alonso’s team came after the battle of Lugo, began with an exchange of baskets and with the home team normally taking the initiative (15-11 with nine points from James Webb, the great protagonist of the beginning of the game).

Those of the capital of Segura increased their income after a triple by Tomás Bellas (27-22), but the Fuenlabreños reacted and reached the first forced break of the afternoon with a tie at 29.

The two teams scored fluently in a clash in which the attacks were well above the defenses at the Murcia Sports Palace, which is normal considering that they are the two highest scoring teams in the League – the Murcians showed up. averaging 87.6 points per game and Madrid 84.3-.

In the second quarter the UCAM CB put to the defensive task and this led him to endorse his rival with a 13-3 starting run for 42-32 in the 16th minute, forcing Josep María Raventós to stop the bleeding for his team with a time-out.

The maneuver did not change the dynamics and the team led by Alonso stretched the score to 54-32 after one more basket from Webb that completed a 21-0 run. A basket by Edgar Vicedo after almost eight minutes of a visiting scoring drought put an end to that streak and the 54-34 with which the break was reached.

The second period left UCAM CB heading towards victory and the staging after passing through the changing rooms far from changing the decoration made it even worse for Urbas, who was 27 down with a capicúa marker of those who do damage ( 63-36).

In two and a half minutes, a 9-2 and another time-out by Raventós, visibly angry. Not even with those did the game improve for the Madrid team and their rival managed to send 32 goals (72-40 with 13 minutes to play).

As expected the relaxation appeared in the university team and that was minimally used by Fuenla to, with a 3-12, lower the difference with which he closed the third period (75-52).

If there was any doubt that the victory would stay in Murcia, it was immediately cleared. A new favorable starting partial, this time a 12-1, returned to UCAM CB an income of more than 30 points (87-53) and the interest of the clash was in knowing what the difference would be in favor of a team that liked each other. .

At stake was the record in that sense for Murcia in their 24 seasons in the ACB, the 37 points difference achieved precisely against Montakit Fuenlabrada, a 99-62 in the 2016/2017 campaign.

He touched it – he got to 93-57 in the 36th minute – but he didn’t get it because he didn’t insist on it and, in addition, Sean Armand scored several baskets of merit, although late, so that the crash ended 99-76 and he as top scorer with 19 points.

Nearby were up to six players who reached the ten as Isaiah Taylor, with 17; Webb, with 15; Thad McFadden, at 14; Nemanja Radovic, with 12; and Chris Czerapowicz and Jordan Davis, both with 10. This one, in addition, distributed eight assists of the 26 that his team gave.