ANDl level of demand for Sarunas Jasikevicius it’s brutal. He was a winner as a player and he is as a coach. It is your DNA. In addition, it is in the Barcelona, in which the only option is victory. However, in sport, sometimes it gets lost. Luckily for them, they do it little, but since the Lithuanian coach came to the bench, he has turned every defeat into a drama. An apocalypse in which he usually puts players in the spotlight.

The press conference last Sunday after losing in the Palau before him Bitci Baskonia was the last example. What if there is vacation playersWhat if others choose the games to play well, what if they have not lowered their ass, that if they lacked mentality … A few hours before, his team had won after extra time at the home of the Anadolu efes, champion of the Euroleague, in one of the best and toughest games of the continental competition so far. After such an effort, it could be understood that the players were tired or that they did not face the match of Endesa League with the best mentality.

The Baskonians, who are not a bad team despite their irregularity, played very well and won. You can pass. It shouldn’t be a drama. It was an ACB regular season game. There was no title at stake. The most serious consequence is that the Real Madrid He takes them a victory with 22 games to go. There are months to try to get it back. The great teams play about 90 games per course. It is impossible to be full on all of them. It is human to slack off at some point, but for Jasikevicius it seems not.

Perhaps the coach, worthy heir to Zeljko Obradovic for his behavior in the band and in the time-outs, he tried to motivate his team for what was coming: this Friday there is a Classic Euroleague at the Palau with the two teams tied at the top of the table. But at other times there was not a great game ahead and Jasikevicius was just as tough on his players, who I doubt they need to be warmed up more before a date like this.

It is also true that the Saras method can be too strict, but the results, which are the important thing, are there: champion of Liga Endesa and Copa del Rey and finalist of the Euroleague in his first year on the Barça bench. As a coach there are not many better than him in Europe. And as a group manager it must be good even though some of its forms are hard to carry.