ANDhe Barça coach, Sarunas Jasikevicius, described the replacement of Nacho Rodríguez by Juan Carlos Navarro as the chief executive officer of the Barça basketball section as “very normal”, although he admitted that he expected this change to take place in the summer.

In the press conference after the victory against Baxi Manresa (97-89), the Lithuanian coach gave his opinion on the appointment of Navarro as top executive.

“We expected the change in summer, but we already know how this works; it’s all very normal. I’m trying to do my job well. I was fine with Nacho (Rodríguez); and I think I’ll be fine with Juan Carlos (Navarro) and his team” he explained.

Regarding the match played at the Palau Blaugrana, he said he was “happy with the second half and not so much with the first”, when his team conceded 51 points: “We have not learned how Manresa was going to play, a team too fast for us” .

After this meeting, Barça will play the Euroleague play-offs against Zenit Saint Petersburg starting next Wednesday. According to ‘Saras’, his players “understand the importance of what is coming.”

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