ANDthe Barça coach, sarunas jasikeviciushas pointed out after his team’s defeat against Unicaja (63-73) that he has to “take a lot of responsibility for this defeat; but you can’t play without bases”

“We have changed some preparation for the Euroleague playoffs (which start on Tuesday) going to do physical and specific work; and I think most of this defeat is also the responsibility mine for putting players in positions that were not their usual ones,” he said.

Without contacts, playing without a head it is very difficult to win ACB matches. In general lines in defense we weren’t so bad, but they hit us real baskets with Brizuela with 5 of 5 in triples. They are a team that has a lot of points on their hands so it shouldn’t surprise us,” he said.

It has been a bad match for our guards and I am very concerned about the form of some of them. Now we have another game in Zaragoza and I hope the boys understand that we need to play a good game before the playoff, taking into account how our rival is going to fight, who is risking his life for permanence”, he declared.

One of the few positive things today was the return of Pierre Oriola and Brandon Davies“He asserted, however.

The coach of the Andalusian team, Ibon Navarro, has considered that they came “from a complicated week”.

But, despite what some say, this team has a soul, it has a heart and it suffers. We have come to the Palau knowing that we had a chance of winning if we did things well and we have done them very well,” said Ibon Navarro.

Obviously, we need Barcelona not to be at their best level to have real options. Today has been misguided, but we have also done something to make it so. We have dominated the four quarters and we have only let them have a slight advantage in the third”, said the Unicaja coach.

“Another key has been that after the first quarter we have been able to control losses and especially the defensive rebound, I think the appearance of Axel Bouteille and Dario Brizuela with difficult and important baskets They have taken us to those ten points of advantage that we have been able to manage in the last three minutes”, he concluded.