ANDl Barça of Jasikevicius, Mirotic and Gasol It already has a preferential place in the memory of Barça fans as one of the great teams in its history. Despite the mole of the Euroleague final lost to Efes, the culé team has closed a season to remember after win two of the possible titles at stake, the Endesa Cup and the Endesa League, and also dispute the finals of the maximum continental competition and the Super Cup.

ACB League: Summary Barcelona 92-73 Real Madrid

A full of endings that has ended with two more trophies in the showcases of the Catalan club, closing the toughest season in its history. A marathon course in which the Lithuanian coach’s men have played a total of 90 games, more than any other team in European basketball, with a final balance of 70 wins and 20 losses.

The azulgrana set culminated with the ACB title its most ambitious project in recent decades, which began in the summer of 2019. Then the club decided to put all the meat on the grill of the basketball section and broke the market with the signings of four names that have had a lot of weight in this 2021 to remember: Alex Abrines, Brandon Davies, Cory Higgins and Nikola Mirotic.

The shooting guard (7.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 43.5% from the triple) The Balearic Islands have gone from less to more since his arrival at Barcelona and although in the final against Madrid he played a secondary role, the former Thunder player has recovered that lethal instinct that led him to become a specialist in the NBA. In the same way Davies (10.2 points and 3.7 rebounds) has also sacrificed his continental star status for the good of the team. and although he has given away some performances to remember, he has been able to sacrifice himself in defense and in the fight under the hoops to end up crowning champion.

Mirotic: “We have put Barça where it deserves”

Higgins and Mirotic, two MVPs in one

Cory Higgins He has been one of the great protagonists of the remarkable Barça season. The godson of Michael Jordan (10.5 points and 2.5 assists) has shown that he is blessed from the cradle and that he has everything to be considered one of the biggest stars in European basketball. Decisive in achieving the Copa del Rey, where he was named MVP, also played an important role in the final of the Endesa League. Especially in the first game, where his explosion in the third quarter was the key to the Barça victory. It was turned off in the second encounter, but still its course is for framing.

But if there is a proper name in this league conquered by Barcelona, ??that of Nikola Mirotic. A player (14 points, five rebounds and 46% from the triple) under the constant scrutiny of critics and that, finally, has taken off the pressure of not being decisive in a final or in a game with a title at stake. A leader during the regular season, the Spanish international was turned off during the playoff until the moment of truth arrived. In the second match of the final Mirotic appeared to be decisive and to be, finally, the MVP that was expected of him so much. The former NBA emerged on day D, at hour H he had his catharsis game.

The arrival of Calathes and the explosion of Bolmaro

Barcelona could not show their full potential in the first season of their super project. A pandemic and Vildoza prevented it. At that time the Barça managers saw that they needed one more piece to become one of the greats in Europe. They looked towards Greece and there they found the lighthouse they needed on the field. Nick Calathes (8.1 points and 5.3 assists) He was leaving the Panathinaikos and embarking on the Barça adventure to firmly take the helm. Y he fulfilled that mission from the first game to the last as he demonstrated in the second stake of the final, where he gave an authentic recital with his connection with Pau Gasol.

The management of Barça, beyond the Greek base, suffered a small shock with the convulsive departure of Thomas Heurtel. The French had lost his place at the hands of Calathes and the definitive explosion of a Leo Bolmaro (6.7 points and two assists this season) that has confirmed all the expectations placed on him. No wonder the Minnesota Timberwolves want him already in the NBA. The Argentine has shown that he can handle any challenge. It is true that in the final he went unnoticed for much of the second game, but in the end he added to help the champion team.

This is how they convinced Pau Gasol to lift the trophy

Pau Gasol, the missing legend

Last March the bomb jumped in the Barça environment. Pau Gasol, the best player in the history of Spanish basketball was returning to Barcelona after 20 seasons in the NBA. Many thought that the pivot of Sant Boi (10.4 points and five rebounds in 16 games) came to Barcelona to live a golden retreat. Nothing is further from reality. The double NBA champion with the Lakers came to show that he is still decisive at 41 years old. And he did it at the stroke of a record, being the player with the best rating per minute and becoming a giant against painting titans such as Tavares and Poirier. A return of registration with which he has shown that the adjective of legend has long fallen short.

Jasikevicius: “We are proud, although it has been necessary to give the double to Pau”

A team of author … and player

The main transformation of Barcelona compared to last season has its own name: Sarunas Jasikevicius. The Lithuanian, once an idol at the Palau as a player, was an old dream that Barça had on their agenda for three seasons now. However, his arrival was made to wait. Under his baton the team has found a way to combine their talent, which is not small, and competitiveness and defensive intensity. Despite having some of the best players in Europe, Saras has based the team’s success on commitment and defense as hallmarks. And the results have not been long in coming.