yesArunas Jasikevicius finished the match against Valencia Basket very upset. First, because of the defeat of Barcelona by 86-76, in which the fight for the rebound made the difference (44 to 23). But also with the arbitration work. As soon as the meeting ended, he told the Movistar microphones: “Too much has been allowed. We have been disrespected a little.”

Later, somewhat calmer at a press conference, the Barça coach considered that “the difference in free throws [23 a 5 a favor del Valencia en algún tramo del encuentro y 28-14 al final] It was too much for a game like that.”

Jasikevicius also had critical words for his team’s work on the rebound, which he described as “unacceptable”. And he recognized that Valencia had achieved “a well-deserved victory. They have played much more physically from the beginning, they have had a different tone. We have come out very soft and we have not known how to put hardness throughout the match”.

The coach also spoke about the accumulation of games, although he did not use it as an excuse: “It is the third game in five days, but it does not have to be an excuse, it is difficult for me that it was due to lack of respect for Valencia because we knew it is very difficult and as a coach I must say that I have not been able to prepare the team. Fighting and fighting is the minimum and Valencia clearly surpassed us. When you lose the battle of wanting it is very difficult”.