ANDThe Lithuanian coach of Barça sarunas jasikevicius stressed after his team’s victory on Tuesday at the Palau Blaugrana in front of MoraBanc Andorra that the war in Ukraine “has to end” and reminded Spaniards that “the conflict could escalate very quickly”.

Spain has to take (the war in Ukraine) a little more seriously. This has to end because we don’t know how far this man (Vladimir Putin) can go. If people think (in Spain) that he lives too far away (from the Ukraine), they are wrong. This can escalate very quicklyJasikevicius declared.

The Baltic coach insisted on the need to “help Ukrainians in any way we can” and said that “as a citizen of Lithuania” he will follow the advice of his government “putting basketball in the background if necessary“.

“I hate to talk about politics, but this is not politics, this is a war. This country (Spain) still has to be more aggressive. There are things that make you cry when you see them on video, how the ukrainians are holding upJasikevicius added.

The Barcelona coach recognized that he lives pending the information that arrives about Ukraine: “When I get up I pick up my mobile and hope that kyiv is still in the hands of Ukraine, if other great cities have fallen. This is everyone’s concern. Perhaps here you do not realize the magnitude because you are very far away”.

Regarding the victory against MoraBanc Andorra, Jasikevicius stated that despite having “gone wrong on defense“In the first quarter against a rival “with a great level of accuracy”, Barça “little by little controlled the match” thanks to the defensive improvement.

We are one of those who score the most points in the Euroleague and the Endesa League. The team has potential in attack but for me the whole base has to be the defense, the fight and delivery. It is the base of any good project”, concluded the Baltic coach.

Sarunas Jasikevicius gestures during the match between Barça and Andorra.
Sarunas Jasikevicius gestures during the match between Barça and Andorra.

Jasikevicius acknowledged how important it is to share efforts, as happened tonight, since “we need all players and everyone has to feel important.

Finally, he celebrated the renewal of Dante Exum until the end of the season: “We were very clear that I had to continue and it has been easy. Dante (Exum) feels important, he plays a lot of minutes and always goes for more. We are very happy to have you. Hopefully he can raise his level, I think he can give more.”