ANDthe Barça coach, sarunas jasikeviciusassessed that the Endesa League final against Real Madrid, which starts this Monday at the Palau Blaugrana, will measure “two of the best teams in Europea”.

At the official presentation of the final held in Barcelona, ??the Lithuanian coach sent a message of affection for the Real Madrid coach, Pablo Laso: “Most importantly, send a hug to Pablo. We hope he recovers well. The news is good and that is the most important thing in our lives.”

“It will be very difficult for both of them. Meet two of the best in Europe. We have played a lot against Madrid and we know each other. The key will be to fight and hopefully things go well for us”, Jasikevicius valued about the equality between the two finalists.

The coach of the Catalan team recognized the importance of having the court factor in favor: “The Palau at the moment presses a lot, is well above the players. It’s an advantage, but on the pitch they play five against five, and in the end it all depends on the players. Although it is always better to play at home.”

The next game is always different. We have played games at 60 points and at 90. Every day is a new story and you have to know how to adapt. Above all, knowing how to suffer because there will surely be difficult moments,” predicted the Barça coach.

Asked about the incidence of the Real Madrid pivot Walter Tavares, the Baltic coach was frank: “It is very difficult to stop. Let’s try to get it out of the paint. Surely it will hurt us, it always hurts everyone, but you have to know how to move on and suffer.”

Jasikevicius avoided responding to the statements of the Joventut coach, Carles Duran, who described him as “rude” last Friday: “The most important thing is that we are living in a democratic country and people can say what they want. We must accept that this man has said this and life goes on. I don’t have to answer.”