Surely there will not be a basketball fan in any corner of Spain that does not have the date of that September 15, 2019 etched in its memory. Because the simple fact of viewing those historic images helps to feel again that chill that only a title of World Champions can generate.

But who was going to tell two of the protagonists of that feat at that time that, just two and a half years later, their career was going to take a complete 180º turn towards the most absolute personal fulfillment.

And it is that, in full sporting maturity, both forward Javi Beiran and center Marc Gasol decided to “get romantic” during this course, giving up succulent contracts or the possibility of fighting for the most prestigious titles to be in that place that determined his heart.

In the case of the man from Madrid, wearing the shirt of a Movistar Estudiantes team that he was not willing to abandon in a difficult moment and, in the case of the Catalan, to wear the samarreta of his Bàsquet Girona thus fulfilling the promise he had made to himself same a few years before.

In this way, their parallel paths under the protection of the Spanish National Team will now cross in a LEB Gold League that will thus experience one of the most beautiful individual duels in its 25-year history. Because it will be this coming Sunday morning when both players meet again on the Wizink Center parquet to star in a historic day.

From Beiran’s commitment to Marc’s leadership:

They came to the competition at two very different times, but in both cases, to act as leaders of their respective projects both on and off the track. Beirán being the glue of the Madrid dressing room from minute 1 of the preseason and Gasol with his incorporation at the most difficult moment of the course for his team.

Two names that equally excited their respective fans and that have been synonymous with sporting growth also on the parquet. For Movistar Estudiantes with a leadership that they have shown for much of the championship and with which they have only been able to fight the postponement of their first matches and, for Bàsquet Girona with three consecutive wins that served to break their losing streak.

In this way, their direct duel on the parquet floor of the WiZink Center will mean a confrontation of streaks since the people of Madrid still do not know the defeat on their track during the current course while the people of Girona do not yet know what it is like to lose with Marc in their rows.

A streak that will be broken by one side or the other and that, however, will not prevent both teams from continuing to fight over the next few months with the same background, a category upgrade that exercises a moral obligation (not sporting) for the locals and that continues to be a longing for the more or less near future for visitors.

In short, a meeting in which the spectacle between two WORLD CHAMPIONS will be more than guaranteed on