Hless than two years ago, Javier Beirán was proclaimed champion of the World Cup with the Spanish team. Now just commit to him Movistar Estudiantes (one season with the option of another two) to play in the LEB Oro after consummating the descent of the collegiate group. His rings don’t fall off. “In fact, I offered myself,” he confesses the 34-year-old forward, who rejected several offers of teams from the Endesa League to return to the club from which he left 11 seasons ago.

To Beirán it has not weighed to him to be champion of the World to play in the LEB. Either having played the last 15 seasons in the ACB and playing almost 400 games in the elite of Spanish basketball and being one of the most regular and contrasted national forwards: “I have no problem trying and trying to do my best in a category that I have never played in. For being here I am not taking a step back. I don’t think my career is over or that I’m going to play for a couple of years and that’s it. Upside down. I want to return to the Endesa League “.

Because I’m here, I don’t take a step back or think that my career is over. Upside down. I want to return to the Endesa League

Javi Beirán, forward of Movistar Estudiantes

To make the decision to return to the Estu, Beirán was guided by the heart, more than by sports and economics. “I’m not saying that throughout your career you should be guided by your heart, but in this case it weighed more. This project was interesting for me. It can be nice and help me continue to grow as a player,” says the forward, who is glad “not to be downgraded due to injuries or because I have no other options, but because it is what I wanted and where I can feel happier. “

Last season, the most complicated of his career

Javi Beirán’s last season was the hardest of his career. Porfirio Fisac ??separated him from the Granca discipline, something that did not correspond to the forward’s trajectory. “A lot of people did not fit him,” he says. He worked alone and on his return to the team ended the campaign brilliantly. “I did like a preseason and then I played a lot and well to help a goal that seemed impossible. Even my teammates were surprised by my response. I keep my resilience.” He averaged 6.1 points, 4.6 rebounds and a PIR of 10.2, but Granca broke his contract.

Since the descent of the Estu was certified, the most used word in the Ramiro is the opposite: ascent. The president of the club already affirmed that it would be a failure not to achieve it. “We have to be humble. We do not have to go up in the first game, but in May or June. The team is made to climb. I myself come to try to go up this year, not in three. There is pressure, but you have to take it, because we are the favorites: We have just gone down, by history, by team, by budget … Patience will be important because everything is not going to be perfect, “predicts Beirán.

We are the favorites for the ascent. The team is made to climb. I myself come to try to go up this year, not in three

Javi Beirán, forward of Movistar Estudiantes

To achieve the goal, the collegiate team is building a squad with veteran players. Beirán, with 34 years, has been joined Nacho Martín (38), Lucas Faggiano (32), Johnny Dee, with extensive experience in the LEB … “Among the teams from the last eight promotions, there were only two chips under 22”Beirán warns, aware that “only with young people you do not go up. The club is committed to expert people, leaving room also for boys in the house.” There they will be Adams Sola, Héctor Alderete, Rubén Domínguez, Nacho Arroyo …

A scrambled Students

Beirán has passed 11 years between Gran Canaria and Tenerife. From outside, has seen “a club in turmoil, with many players and coaches passing through and without having a guide to the future. “On his return he noticed “Some tension and the fans burned”. That is why he recommends “changing that mindset. It is not where we wanted to be, but you have to be positive. If we had to go down, we must learn from it and come out strengthened, not sink. Let’s see if we can lay a foundation for the future. “

And personally, dreams of returning to the national team during the FIBA ??Windows, although he is aware of the difficulty of doing so without being in ACB. It would be something exceptional. “I hope they call me. I love going to the national team. I understand that there is a generational change, but if I can help, I will be there. I see no problem to go to be in the LEB, although it will surely be more complicated “, recognizes the World Champion who will play in the LEB.

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