Javier Juareza Spanish basketball coach, a few weeks ago became the new Syrian coach. An exciting challenge that he has been facing for weeks in Damascus, where answered the call from Radio MARCA.

“Come to Syria It is being the adventure of my life, it is exciting. Life is that of any coach, a normal life. I’m hallucinating and knowing a new world. It is being a fascinating adventure on a personal level. I think you only live once in your life and I needed to try myself and learn something different and I think that everything I’m going to experience here is going to be very positive for me”, he explained in ‘Nos Gusta el Basket’.

The NBA is global, but I was struck by how much they like Sergio Llull. I get asked a lot about him

Javi Juárez, in ‘We Like Basket’

The former academy coach of Real Madrid and Ucam Murcia and Urbas Fuenlabrada of ACB, faces his first experience leading a national team in Syria. “I couldn’t leave Madrid this year due to personal circumstances and we thought about the possibility of a selection. When he told me about Syria in December I thought it was a joke and crazy, but little by little you are collecting information and everything became clearer and here we are in Damascus,” he said.

He will make his debut in charge of the Syrian national team at next week’s FIBA ??Window. “Syria has a passion for basketball, in important games there are 10,000 people. The selection is very veteran and I have to go regenerating the team. The players are very enthusiastic and eager. Here they were not looking for Javi Juárez, they were looking for a Spanish coach and the responsibility is very great. The Spanish coach is very well seen outside our borders. A very old-fashioned basketball is played here, I have seen more areas than in a league of friends and they want to evolve,” he said about his first impression of Syrian basketball.

They were not looking for Javi Juárez, they were looking for a Spanish coach and that is a very big responsibility

Javi Juárez, new Syria Basketball coach

Adjusting to his new life and getting to know a post-war country, Juárez also acknowledged that he has been surprised by the level of knowledge of basketball in the country. “The NBA is global, but I was very struck by how much they like Sergio Llull. I’ve been asked a lot about himI have found a lot of Madridistas in Syria and I am sure that my time at Real Madrid has been an attraction for them”, he concluded.

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