The Madrid headquarters of the Pons Foundation was the setting for the kick-off of the 2022-23 season for Movistar Estudiantes: the press conference to present the new coach of the men’s first team, Javier Rodríguez.

The president of Movistar Students, Ignacio Triana, explained that “this year we are not going to be the largest budget in the LEB, therefore we have to be the first in effort and struggle, in that no one should beat us.”

To do this, he affirms, “Pancho Jasen as sports director and Javi Rodríguez as coach pick up that idea, as they have already shown as players.”

Javier Rodríguez thanked the club “for trusting me as a coach in such an important project as Movistar Estudiantes”.

“It is a joy, an honor and a privilege, but above all a responsibility. I want to return the team to the place it deserves, the ACB. The reality is what it is, the LEB Oro is increasingly difficult: we are realistic, but ambitious », he explained.

Along these lines, Rodríguez said that “I have been hired for ability, charisma and passion. We will put together a competitive squad so that the people who come to see us at the WiZink Center feel proud to see a team that will fight every second.

«Movistar Estudiantes is very difficult to reject»In response to the numerous media present, Rodríguez acknowledged that «it is a step forward in my career, I had the possibility of continuing as an assistant in Bilbao, but the moment Movistar started Students contact me is very difficult to refuse. It does not matter if it is in LEB or in ACB, it is Students».

Regarding the squad, of which more names will soon be confirmed, he explained that “I have the quarry, it is the essence of Movistar Estudiantes. We are looking for people who are hungry and who give everything for the team and the club, and for that it doesn’t matter if you are 19 or 36 years old.”

He does not think there is pressure, but “responsibility, for training every day as if it were the last and fighting for every ball. Obviously we will have a quality team, because it is not enough to fight and hope alone. I think we will go far, but this year the pressure is on others. Responsibility and ambition all, no pressure.

And for this, he affirms that «we can only promise work, dedication and time. Hours of quality work, not hours by hours. We will go game by game, I know that it is a cholista topic, but you have to think first about making the squad, the preseason, the first league game … »

«That the team leaves its soul in each game and training»

They also asked Ignacio Triana. The president is clear that “the natural place for Estudiantes is the ACB, this does not contradict everything we are talking about, our demand must be that in each training session and game we leave our soul”.

He is aware that many LEB teams have their squads already outlined, but he explains that «we must not rush, but rather do the job well and Pancho and Javi are in it. The player announcements will come, I think it will be a competitive team.

And he also acknowledged that, as president, “more than pressure, I also feel responsibility. When Fernando Galindo asks me to stay in front, I can’t say no. The pressure is to give your best every day.

Regarding the news in the Marca newspaper about the possible entry of new investors, Triana explained that “the fact that there is someone with the intention of putting money into Estudiantes is the best news. I make myself available to anyone who has this interest; and someone comes with the 5 million euros from the capital increase, I would move away immediately, because they must have the ability to command. For this, it has been proposed to repeal article 8.C that limits the right to vote at the meeting.