Jesús Sánchez (Madrid, 12/28/1983) is a man of the club and youth academy. With extensive experience on the benches. He was assistant coach of Jacinto Carbajal, he was in command of the team in the Endea Women’s League during part of the 18/19 season, achieving qualification for the Queen’s Cup. In addition, he has trained in all ADC training categories. In the current season, he has qualified for the Final 4 in Junior and First national categories, a category in which his team has achieved a full 14 victories.

Jesús, who was present at the press conference, commented that he was very grateful to the board of directors because “They have made me believe that I am the ideal person to carry out this new project. For someone who considers himself a man and a lover of this club, I really want to help make the next season exciting and shared with the fans ”. Jesús is happy to take the reins because “I continue working in my club and doing what I like. I have gone through all the positions that this club has, I have trained girls of all ages that this club has, in the end being able to take charge of the first team is an honor and a pride, but especially in my case it is for the feeling of desire and the confidence that I have felt. I just hope to repay it in spades. ”

Sánchez says that he has taken this opportunity because “I believe in this club, I believe in the idea of ??what is being done, I believe in the people who do it, I believe in the players who come below, in the families of those players, in all the people who come to help this move forward and the least I can do is put myself in front of the team and with what we have to fight in this new league ”.

Jesús will combine his work with the first team with the one he had been doing for several seasons as sports director and youth team coordinator.

With Jesús Sánchez, the club lays the foundation for the 21/22 season in this new league that is expected to be exciting and attractive.