ANDIt’s the fashionable boy. The spotlights are increasingly focused on him. After a year of which it can be affirmed which is the return of Joventut to the elite of Spanish basketball and its position, on a personal level, increasingly firm within the Spanish National Team, by Joel Parra (Barcelona, ??2000) giant things are expected. The closest thing is to beat Georgia, win a ‘ticket’ to the EuroBasket and a future in which the siren songs from Real Madrid and Barcelona continue to increase. The ’44’ of Spain attends to MARCA and the illusion is not removed from his face. It goes in his DNA.

Best young player in the Endesa League. An exciting season in Penya. And now a starter in the National Team. Shall we say that it is a magical year?
I’m very happy. Individually and collectively it has been fantastic. It is a step forward in both aspects, making Joventut once again an important team and one of the greats in the league. And it’s something I feel part of.
What is this jump due to? Maturity, regularity?
It is a sum. I have gained experiences, minutes and you have to make mistakes to learn. It’s been five years ‘at a professional level’ and I assume more game time than ever, and it translates into results. All with the club I’ve been in since I was five years old.
In key Selection lands as a starter and immediate impact. Yes, it’s Georgia. Complicated shock?
We must not discredit anyone, but against Macedonia it was seen that we were superior from the beginning. They touch important shocks. Georgia is a physical rival, above all else. They play at home and their audience will squeeze. We know the players, like Shengelia, Shermadini, McFadden or Burjanadze… So it will be a good game to watch for sure. And to play, he will ask for concentration and preparation.
Is that what Sergio Scariolo asks for these games?
Ask us to do what we have been doing in all the previous clashes. That which the legends taught us, like Pau and Marc. On the field be physical in the paint, rebound, keep them from running and limit their low post.
And what about the Eurobasket? Are you allowed to dream?
I wish. I would like to and it is a dream. I have been with the National Team since I was 12 years old in all competitions and that Scariolo Count me in, that would be fantastic. It would close the season in a fantastic way.

It would be a dream if they had me for the EuroBasket

Joel Parra, player of the National Team and Joventut

His case, that of Pradilla or Sima. Does the new generation take flight?
Yes. There is enthusiasm, desire… We do not agree with all the legends, but we want to show that We can do great things with the National Team.
How do you define this group of Windows?
It’s a great team. It is the fourth time I have come and it is true that we are a family. The reception is spectacular, there is chemistry, the talent overflows. From experienced people, like Quino Colom, younger talent like Brizuela, a physical and explosive low post…. We can compete in Las Ventanas and later.
Who has a hard time defending in training?
Cinchona that as someone else says, he gets angry… (laughs). especially brizuela, is fast, vertical and has many points. I have a hard time stopping him for speed and those characteristics.
In relation to Joventut, what dreams do you have?
The goal is to grow year after year. People want more and we, of course, want more. Looking to the future is to continue with that illusion and enjoy taking steps. Athletically and club structure. Do things well, with people from the house and engage the people of Badalona.

If you want to try things that you are not trained for, that’s when you ‘fuck it’

Joel Parra, player of the National Team and Joventut

Do you think a lot about your future?
I don’t think about the future. At the moment he’s going through Joventut, I have a contract and we’ll see how it goes in the future. I am concentrated there and here with the National Team. At the club level, with the desire and enthusiasm to continue growing in La Penya.
Is there a new goal?
. Increase. They will ask me for more after the year and I like that. But, everything goes through the right steps. If you try to do things for which you are not qualified, that is when you ‘fuck it’. So it’s doing what I’m good at: defending, rebounding, low post, and progressing from 3-point range.