Rokas Jokubaitis joins the ACB party. The Lithuanian put on his boots in front of Surne Bilbao. The young man, who will turn 21 in November, offered an exhibition in Miribilla. He polished the performance catalog of a Barcelona that achieved a victory without discussion no matter how much Bilbao played the first quarter and cut in 10 points the distance to less than five minutes for the conclusion. The Jasikevicius’s anger at Caicedo makes it clear how much it hurt him that the steamroller was not such. Jokubaitis was more than fine and went to the shower with 22 points scored, which is his personal scoring record, and a rating of 22.

The Barcelona continues in its fight to command starting in the standings and Surne Bilbao looks at all his rivals from below, marking the next game against UCAM Murcia as an opportunity to see the light again. The people of Bilbao, with the Whithey pivot out of competition after undergoing surgery this week for a broken nose, you need a change in trend so as not to turn this campaign into a copy of the previous one.

Surne Bilbao squeezed out. The first quarter ended with a two-point deficit in a very eventful game. Those trained by Mumbrú were aggressive behind and fast in circulation, without fear of handling the wrist. Delgado held Bilbao on the scoreboard, which nevertheless ended up behind a Barcelona that danced to the rhythm set by Mirotic (10 of the 18 points scored by his team).

The advantage made Jasikevicius rest Mirotic in the second quarter. The Montenegrin did not arrive after two minutes of play, but entered the field to the point of participating in the pull of the Catalans, who put the victory on track with a comfortable advantage (33-41) before the long break. Calathes made the last basket for Barcelona after Bilbao squandered the opportunity to get close. The Bilbaons were losing gas and gave reasons for the talk to Mumbrú, since they were hunted on more than one occasion when their rival served in the background.


Bilbao and Barcelona jumped to Miribilla in two more than different planes of the championship. The Barça team counted all their matches by victories while the men in black did so by defeats. The fight was to try to reduce any difference on the court, but that is an issue that can rarely occur when the budgets of both clubs have an overwhelming distance: Barça allocates 35 million euros to pay the salaries of technicians and players and in Bilbao they manage with a global budget of 3.2 million euros. Flipping it was impossible.

The scene of the first room was a mirage. The match that followed after the locker room talk was nothing like what Bilbao had wanted to draw at the start. A partial 6-15 in favor of the Catalans sentenced the winner of the afternoon. AND Miribilla eagerly opened her eyes to see Jokubaitis’s performance, who reached the last quarter with 17 points without failure on an impressive shooting card.

The last period was played for the gallery because the task was already done. Bilbao refused to lower his arms and wanted to keep the pulse even if it was to win his only partial of the afternoon (23-20) in a match with performance polka dots at the premises for Bigote and Rouselle, who left the court with a couple of points each and negative ratings.


68 SURNE BILBAO (16 + 17 + 12 + 23) Goudelock (14), Rafa Luz (7), Miniotas (2), Masiulis (5), Delgado (15), Rosuselle (2), Rigo (3), Reyes (4), Mustache (2), Hakanson (9), Galán (5).

84 BARCELONA (18 + 23 + 23 + 20) Sanli (4), Hayes (6), Laprovittola (5), Mirotic (14), Calathes (8), Davies (4), Martínez (2), Smits (9), Oriola (4), Kuric (6), Caicedo