The Women’s National Team began a three-week summer concentration in Madrid this Tuesday with a clear objective: to prepare and consolidate the foundations of the team to once again fight for the podium in international competitions. The Road to the Future Tour It consists of a total of four games. The first two will be played in Melilla against Italy (Wednesday June 1) and Belgium (Friday June 3). A week later, the second part of the preparation will begin in Guadalajara, which will conclude with two more matches in Italy against Slovenia (Saturday June 18) and Italy (Sunday June 19). All four games will be broadcast live on Teledeporte.

Before embarking on a trip to Melilla this Wednesday, the entire Women’s National Team presented itself to the media at the team’s concentration hotel in Madrid. An act in which the President of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa; the national coach, Miguel Mendez; and the team captains, Silvia Dominguez Y Alba Torrens.

Jorge Garbajosa: “To achieve the next successes it is necessary to put some wickers”

For the President of the FEB it has been “one of those days in which you look to the future with all the hope in the world and that is that despite the fact that the sporting circumstance is what it is when we see ourselves without official competition, we embark on the path to the future” .
Garbajosa has pointed out that “to achieve the next successes it is necessary to put some wicker”. “We have a mixture of the youngest, of those who have already been and know the national team, the perfect coach for this moment and for this team, an experienced coaching staff and a Laia Palau who joins the new project from day one” .
“This group has a very bright recent past, the brightest in the history of Spanish women’s basketball, this has been a small setback and now we are in a moment of hope”, he added.

Miguel Méndez: “The first objective is to prepare for the November window”

The National Team coach has highlighted “the commitment of all those who are here after a very hard season” and that what is sought is “to build the foundations so that they are solid”.
“The first objective is to prepare the team for the November window, especially the game with Hungary, because we are going to prepare it as if it were a final because we want to be in the summer of 2023, we want to be there and be protagonists”.
Regarding the games that Spain will play during this three-week concentration, Méndez has mentioned that it will serve to “see where the team is”.

Silvia Domínguez: “In all successes there is a lot of work in the shadows and now we are at that moment”

The captain of the National Team has said that all the goals of the team go through a summer like this. “You cannot get to a Eurobasket without preparing it, this commitment is necessary, this summer, add, build, perhaps what is going to happen this summer is more important because behind all the successes there is a lot of work in the shadows and now we are in that moment, the success of the future depends on being here and now”.
“We have a lot on our shoulders physically and mentally but we want to leave satisfied with the work we do here and with confidence in what we are creating”, she pointed out.

Alba Torrens: “We are guided by our way of competing”

Despite the fact that last summer the sports results were not achieved, the second captain Alba Torrens has highlighted “the way the team competes”. And it is precisely this value that she intends to transfer to debutant players.
“This combination of young people and veterans gives us diversity in many ways, I think it’s very positive, we’ll join in different ways, we’ll learn from each other and we’ll go for the same goal,” said Torrens, who insists that the sign of identity of this team will continue to be “competing together and at the top”.

The National Team Manager, Miguel Méndez, is already working with the 16 selected players: guards Silvia Domínguez, Maite Cazorla and Laura Peña; the escorts Leticia Romero, Ángela Salvadores, Leo Rodríguez and Queralt Casas; the forwards Alba Torrens and María Conde; power forwards Paula Ginzo, María Araújo and Irati Etxarri; and centers Raquel Carrera, Astou Ndour, Lola Pendande and Nerea Hermosa. Peña, Pendande and Hermosa will live their first concentration with the Absolute.

Méndez will lead a coaching staff made up of Nacho Martínez, Isaac Fernández and Madelen Urieta as assistant coaches; the physical trainer Jordi Aragonés; the doctor Juan Francisco Abellán; Ana López and Óscar Delgado as physiotherapists; Susana Ferreras as delegate; and Laia Palau as Team Manager.