The President of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Jorge Garbajosa, has valued the announcement of the withdrawal as a player of Pau Gasol, made official this Tuesday, October 5 in Barcelona.

The best player in the history of Spanish basketball and one of the best players in the history of basketball in the world abandons his career and that is always a cause for sadness. But it is also a source of satisfaction and joy in the sense that he has had the ability and determination to decide for himself how and when to retire”, Highlights Garbajosa.

For the President of the FEB, present at the farewell ceremony, Pau Gasol “He leaves a lot of iconic images that come to mind now: from his first ring with the Lakers in the NBA to 40 points in Lille, including his unfortunate injury, now mythical, in the semifinal of the 2006 World Cup against Argentina. His legacy is eternal. A player who when the junior world champions remain is not a player in the starting five, but who with effort and learning every day until the last, until the day he retires, with the people around him, has managed to become that: in the best”.

For me, the word that best defines the relationship between Pau and the Spanish national team and basketball is commitment. In recent years there is no comparison, there is no example, there are no previous references to what he has done to fulfill his dream: to retire at the Olympic Games with the National Team jersey, his jersey”He continues.

Garbajosa wanted to express his gratitude to a player who has given everything for Spanish basketball: “What does Pau mean for the past, present and future of our basketball? Probably the most iconic figure. But not iconic in terms of an image; iconic in terms of a timeless legacy. Time will give us the true dimension it has. The only thing we can say to you is thank you, for all that you have done, for all that you do and for all that you will continue to do.”.

When from the Federation we want to explain to a boy or a girl what it means to wear the National Team jersey, Pau has made it very easy for us. No need to talk, just put your career and ask them to remember it. This way they will know what it is to proudly wear the jersey that represents our entire country and all of our basketball. Pau has shown his love for this house, and this house will show him all the love in the world, now and forever”, He concludes.