This is how the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, has assessed the end of the participation of Spanish basketball in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games:

What we ask of our teams is to compete, to be a family, to give it their all. It sounds cliché, but they do it. And we also ask them to be among the aspiring teams and they have been back, in a very complicated tournament, which of six games is practically five and a half finals because all the games are very decisive in the face of the championship. Today we could say that the draw has not helped us or excuses, but that we never do. There have been little details … but the team has had the ball to win and it has escaped”.

I don’t mind missing a shot, but there are young players who have shown the character to make this shot. Today he has not entered, he will enter …”.

Three of the most important players for the future are already here, they have already broken the shell of the first international competition with chevrons. I know that the first international tournament is very tough, because they have already passed it, they are already expert players, won very early, and now they have to take the baton”.

The EuroBasket has been very tough, but totally different from the Games. The EuroBasket at home, with the COVID cases, was stumbled from the start. Here we have played basketball very well, in the first three games they beat a team that is in the semifinals …”.

France has a very high physical level, which makes us suffer, and even so the team has pushed forward, has competed at the limit of its strength. It is true that they have not let us play the way we like because of that physical capacity they have, but even so we practically had the ball to win “.

We are going to have a year in which we are not going to compete, but from the first moment the sports management is looking for alternatives of competitiveness but also of continuity. There are Alba, Cristina, Laura Gil, who will take the lead as the veterans and are key players also in helping the young women. I wish we could be in the World Cup, of course, I would have liked to deserve it on the pitch, but there are alternatives and we are working on it “.

Here it is not a question of putting anyone on top of anyone, but the figure of Laia is eternal, Pau of course also, but Laia exemplifies for me the ambitious resurgence of women’s basketball, the rise in quality, ambition, visibility … Let’s go to miss, which makes me sad that he could not go as he deserves. But sport is like that. Hollywood endings happen in Hollywood, life sometimes …”.