LPlayers often say that you never know when the opportunity may come and that is why you always have to be prepared. The same thing happens to the technicians, with the condition that they have fewer jobs. The train Josep Maria Raventós has happened to 60 years. It was the one from Urbas Fuenlabrada, a team with which he made his debut in the final stretch of last season in the Endesa League. In the current one, it is the first time that he has been a head coach since the beginning of the course.

“More than strange, my career has been very hard work. I have always fought to have this opportunity,” says the coach, the second oldest in the current ACB only behind Dusko Ivanovic, 64. Raventós has directed 10 games in the Endesa League, the last of the previous campaign. He rubs shoulders, for example, with Pedro Martinez, which, being only a few months less, is climbing towards 1,000.

More than strange, my career has been very worked. I’ve always struggled to have this chance

Josep María Raventós, coach of Urbas Fuenlabrada

However, the Fuenla coach is far from being a rookie. At just 16 years old, he played and coached men’s and women’s minibasket teams at school. La Salle in Barcelona, has directed in all training categories, was the first coach in EBA, LEB Silver and LEB Gold and until last year I had six years as an assistant in Fuenlabrada … “I have some seniority, although not in the Endesa League, which is difficult to reach and is very demanding. I am not a ‘rookie’, but I have an L little hidden, “he jokes.

In addition, Raventós has had good teachers. “I have always tried to learn from everyone those who directed me, my first coaches, my second and even of those who have trained my children. You don’t copy things, but you use what you see in a different way, “he explains.

The age of the ACB coaches

  • Dusko Ivanovic – Baskonia 64
  • Josep María Raventós – Urbas Fuenla 60
  • Pedro Martínez – BAXI Manresa 60
  • Joan Plaza – Coosur Real Betis 57
  • Porfirio Fisac ??- Gran Canaria 56
  • Txus Vidorreta – Lenovo Tenerife 55
  • Fotis Katsikaris – Unicaja 54
  • Pablo Laso – Real Madrid 53
  • Joan Peñarroya – Valencia Basket 52
  • Zan Tabak – Hereda San Pablo Burgos 51
  • Paco Olmos – Rio Breogán 51
  • Moncho Fernández – Monnus Obradoiro 51
  • Jaume Ponsarnau – Casademont Zaragoza 50
  • Carles Duran – Joventut 45
  • Sarunas Jasikevicius – Barcelona 45
  • Ibón Navarro – MoraBanc Andorra 45
  • Site Alonso – UCAM Murcia 45
  • Álex Mumbrú – Surne Bilbao 42

On Badalona I work with Manel Comas, Aíto García Reneses, Sito Alonso… In Fuenlabrada he has been an assistant to Zan Tabak, Jota Cuspinera, Néstor García, Agustí Julbe, Paco García and Javi Juárez. That, in six years, is also a sign that he has landed on a hot bench. “They all are. A lot of people have passed by in recent times, but I don’t take it into account,” he says.


His philosophy is that of “teamwork”. Both from the players and the coaching staff. “I like to make use of my ‘staff’, that they are involved and that the players are also involved with the team. Let everyone know their role and feel important and participants “, he analyzes. get Fuenla out of the difficult situation in which he was caught last year: “I spoke with the players and tried to help them from a coach perspective changing the burden of having to win for having to improve “.

I have some seniority. I’m not a ‘rookie’, but I have the L a little hidden

Josep María Raventós, coach of Urbas Fuenlabrada

This season, in an Endesa League in which “all the teams have strengthened very well”, Raventós does not think about permanence but “about short-term objectives. Improve in every game. If we do it like this, we will compete against everyone. “Even before the greats:” From an economic perspective there is a lot of difference, but this is five against five. Of course you can compete against them “.