ORNicaja rallied from an impossible game to end up drowning on the banks of the Carpena. Joventut stormed the Malaga court in a huge game by Pau Ribas, commander of the Catalan team during the 40 minutes of the game. The Katsikaris men recovered from a 20-point deficit and even got ahead in the last quarter, but the lack of lucidity in attack ended up causing the local defeat. With this victory, Joventut continues to dream of a beautiful season while Unicaja has practically no options to be in the Copa del Rey. The Los Guindos team will have to win everything and wait.

The game started with a good Unicaja on the back of Jaime Fernández. The Madrilenian led the 7-2 partial with which the match began. Soon the Pau Ribas show began. A few minutes of luxury from the Joventut player was enough to start showing the seams of the composer team. The Badalona team returned the partial and got an income of 10 points at the end of the first act. A 12-22 that was already beginning to show what the game’s path was going to be in the second quarter.

Unicaja wanted to answer. But the outside game of the Joventut was impossible to tie. Unicaja shot with pride, staged in Alberto Díaz, to squeeze from behind and, with Darío Brizuela as a stiletto, hook several positive actions that were narrowing the score. La Penya found answers through Paul, who was joined, again, by Ribas, to extend the visitor’s advantage at halftime (30-47).

The Catalans started strong again in the last quarter. Vives put the twenty points in favor, an advantage that seemed to bury Unicaja. However, when things were worse, the typesetter woke up. Axel Bouteille scored points for the Malagueños, who raised their intensity entirely, with Alberto Díaz and Carlos Suárez capital, to reduce the disadvantage to ten in the absence of the last quarter (50-60).

Carpena was the sixth player. With more than 5,000 in the stands, Joventut became small. Carlos Suárez gave a clinic of defensive actions and Alberto Díaz was his support and director. Katsikaris and the Carpena were flying. Bouteille put the malagueños ahead two minutes from time. The party would change again. Vives was right in his actions and Cole’s light went out in the final stretch. Unicaja drowned on the edge of a historic comeback and ended up losing 72-76 in a game that was impossible and could end up winning.

Data sheet:

72- Unicaja (12 + 18 + 20 + 22) Jaime Fernández (9), Norris Cole (11), Barreiro (2), Abromaitis (2), Eric (11) -the starting quintet-. Bouteille (9), Alberto Díaz (5), Brizuela (17), Alonso (0) Nzosa (0), Rubén Guerrero (3), Carlos Suárez (3).

76- Joventut Badalona (22 + 25 + 13 + 16): Vives (13), Pau Ribas (21), Willis (12), Busquets (2), Tomic (7) -the starting five- Brandon Paul (7), Brodziansky (2), Ventura (0), Feliz (3), Birgander (3), Parra (6).

Via Marca.com