ANDhe Joventut needed extra time to break (96-87) against Río Breogán his streak of three consecutive defeats in the Endesa League and add a win that the team from Badalona urgently needed.

The black-and-white recovered their success in the triples (16 of 37) with Paul Ribas adding five; Brandon Paul four and Derek Willis with three, and with this they compensated for their bad day under the hoops where Mahalbasic added 17 points and was the author of the basket that took the game to extra time where Penya was clearly better.

Joel Parra and Dzanan Musa starred in the first five minutes of the game scoring for their teams but when the Bosnian forward retired to the bench, La Penya came to control the game with Feliz directing and scoring and Pau Ribas and Albert Ventura adding from the three-point line points (23-16, min.10).

Feliz and Busquets took the Catalans to their maximum advantage at the start of the second quarter (28-20, min. 12) but the poor defense against Mahalbasic made the difference disappear in three minutes (31-31, min. 15).

The match entered a phase of exchanging baskets with Musa putting his team up again (36-37, min. 18) and Pau Ribas adding for the locals to go up 11 points (41-37, min. 19). A two plus one from Lukovic, another of the highlights of the Lugo team, left the game at 41-40 at halftime.

Mahalbasic continued with his recital under the hoops at the beginning of the third period and Río Breogán took the lead again (44-47, min. 23). Willis stopped Musa but nobody could with the Slovenian center, La Penya giving Tomic a greater presence on both ends of the court.

La Penya tried again to take off with points from Ribas and Paul (55-49, min. 26) but two impossible three-pointers by Musa against Parra and a third by Erik Quintela launched the Río Breogán, who put himself at his maximum advantage ( 55-60, min 30) after a 0-11 run with eight points from Dzanan Musa.

Paul and Birgander raised Penya again at the start of the fourth quarter and a triple by Willis put the Catalans up seven (73-66, min. 37) but Breogán had not said his last word.

Kalinovski put his team ahead five seconds from the end (75-76) after scoring two free throws but in four seconds everything happened with Willis scoring a triple and Mahalbasic sending the game into overtime with a basket at the buzzer.

The black-and-white were superior in extra time thanks to their success from the three-point line and their better defense, especially against Dzanan Musa. Brandon Paul made it 89-85 with 2’50” to go and Pau Ribas sealed the match with his fifth triple (96-87).

Data sheet:

96 – Joventut Badalona (23+18+18+19+18): Vives (3), Paul (20), Parra (11), Brodziansky (2), Tomic (7) -initial team-, Busquets (2), Ribas (17), Feliz (7), Willis (15), Birgander (9) and Ventura (3).

87 – Breogan River (16+24+20+18+9): Bell-Haynes (14), Kalinoski (16), Musa (20), Lukovic (11), Mahalbasic (17) -initial team-, Kacinas (-), Sakho (-), Cruz (6), Sergio Quintela (- ) and Erik Quintela (3)

Referees: Jimenez, Manuel and Martinez. They eliminated Guillem Vives for five personal fouls (min. 39).

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 18 of the Endesa League played at the Palau Olímpic in Badalona in front of 3,796 spectators.