ANDhe Joventut will repeat presence in a big way for the Playoff of Endesa League and he does it, moreover, by stamping his ticket four games in advance. The Uniboxwith Brizuela at the head, feigned with a reaction that was a mirage. (76-70) in a clash that went from the beginning to the end of the Carles Duran.

the crash in Badalona It started with an exchange of blows between both teams. The Unicaja with Brizuela and Alberto Diaz and Joventut with Paul. Ibón Navarro’s men fought each ball and managed to get ahead on the scoreboard with a triple by Jonathan Barreiro after a spectacular mate by Cameron oliver. Willis shortened distances and Brizuela once again from the 6.75 line overtook the typesetters. With a basket by Jaime Fernández and another by Paul Ribas the first stoppage of the game was reached. The locals did not leave happy because of the good Malacitana defense (15-17).

Unicaja started scoring again the second quarter. Nzosa and Bouteille They delighted in the hoop of Joventut each with their specialty. A partial of 7-0 for the Catalans, with Paul Ribas as the protagonist, he turned the tables in the following minutes. As a result of that, Unicaja failed to wake up and Inavarro He had to stop the match. The downtime was good for the compositors, who with Brizuela, Oliver and Alberto Diaz they managed to follow in the footsteps of Carles Durán’s men. A triple by Willis and two inside baskets by Tomic they broke the Costa del Sol scheme again. The 11-0 run to go into the break made things impossible for Unicaja. (42-29).

After the break time, Unibox could not avoid defeat. The team from Malaga tried to reduce distances by means of scoring points. Brizuela and the character of Barreiro. However, the losses continued to punish the people of Malaga, with a Penya who starred in quick transitions to allow the locals to extend the lead (56-40). Unicaja did not give up, and with a 2-14 run led by Cameron Oliver reduced the distance, remaining with only 4 points to go after a triple by the power forward (58-54).

Jaime Fernandez He threw his team on his back, bringing the team even closer despite the verdinegro success (64-61). That’s where the Malaga attack stalled, which Joventut took advantage of to, little by little, increase their income. Kravic returned to place the malagueños to 4 points (68-64, m. 37), but the irruption of Ribas in the final stretch it was decisive for Penya, ending the match with a 76-70 defeat.

Data sheet

76. Joventut Badalona (15+27+16+18): Vives (3), Paul (8), Parra (7), Willis (14), Tomic (9) -initial team-, Busquets (5), Ribas (14), Ventura (-), Bassas (5), Feliz (7), Birgander (4) and Maronka (-).

70. Unicaja Malaga (17+12+25+16): Díaz (6), Brizuela (14), Barreiro (11), Oliver (12), Guerrero (-) -initial team-, Fernández (13), Kravic (8), Alonso (-), Mooney (-), Nzosa (2) and Bouteille (4).