ANDhe Barca appeared at the Badalona Olympic with five wins in a row in the Endes Leaguethere are three more in the Euroleague. But even more than those numbers, the sensations were that we were facing the best team in Europe at the moment. Thats why he Joventut He had to star in a great game to be able to knock down what is currently the fittest team on the Old Continent. The Joventut won, 83-72, to certify his fourth place and continue in a direct fight with the Manresa for the third.

Yes Carles Duran He has to choose one of the many good games that his team has played so far, this one against Barça would possibly be in all the pools. For many minutes the Joventut He showed a perfect balance between his attack and his defense, minimizing a team like Barça with innumerable offensive weapons that today was very erratic from the goal (6/24). He only suffered relatively in the fourth period, when the team from sarunas jasikevicius multiplied in defensive tasks. But then they appeared Birgander, Tomic, Pau Ribas and even Parra to embrace a triumph with a special flavor, for being a derby and being against the best team in Europe today.

The equality of the first quarter (20-17) gave way to a green and black gale in the second (30-17), with 10 points Andrew Happythe best of the match, which was when the Penya He acquired that advantage that he later knew how to dose until the end.

Between the end of the third quarter and the middle of the last, the Barca He even threatened with a possible comeback with mirotic to the rescue, but Joventut stood up to end up celebrating a more than meritorious victory. the worst for him Barca was not the defeat, but with less than a minute to go, a bad fall from Brandon Davis He sent him, injured in the shoulder, directly to the locker room. We will have to wait to see the scope.

Happywho finished with 21 points, Birgander, 15 and 11 rebounds, and Ribas, 10 and a priceless leadership on the court, were the best of the black-and-white. At Barcathe injured Davis did 19 and mirotic finished with 14.

Data sheet:

83. Joventut Badalona (20+30+13+20): Feliz (21), Busquets (3), Parra (4), Brodziansky (4), Birgander (15) -initial team-, Ribas (10), Willis (2), Tomic (21), Ventura (3), Maronka (-) and Kraag (-).

72. Barca (17+17+19+19): Calathes (11), Exum (8), Abrines (2), Mirotic (14), Smits (-) -initial team-, Davies (19), Martínez (2), Hayes (2), Laprovittola (6) and Kuric (8).