Skeep up with the news within Unicaja. After the appointment of López Nieto as president, the l has been made officialJuanma Rodríguez’s legacy as Sports Director of the typesetter entity. A new face that is not so. The new head of the Unicaja signings has already held the position for 16 years -between 1994 and 2010-, a time in which the Malacitano club had enormous growth and established itself as one of the best teams on the national scene. Reach the Carpena after the departure of Manolo Rubia, who retired on July 31.

In his time at the head of the Unicaja Sports Directorate the titles of Endesa League, Copa del Rey and Copa Korac, as well as the presence in the Final Four 2007, along with the two runners-up in the ACB League and one in the Copa del Rey.

Rodríguez returns to Malaga, 11 years later, after exercising the position of Sports Director in the Coosur Real Betis the last 3 seasons, achieving all the objectives set by the Seville team: promotion of LEB Oro to Liga Endesa in its first season, the Prince Cup, and the permanence in the following two seasons in the highest category of Spanish basketball.

Prior to this stage in Seville, in the field of sports management, Juanma Rodríguez was Sports Director of the Malaga Provincial Council from 2011 to 2018, being the architect of the creation of the TOrneo Costa del Sol Basketball, for instance.

It should also be noted that Juanma Rodriguez was linked to Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA franchise, as a scout for European basketball. Now, go back to Los Guindos, which was his home during an important part of his professional career to face new challenges.