Julio Lamas, Argentine basketball coach, recently announced his retirement from the bench after more than three decades and directing in three countries and ten different teams. The Argentine national team, the Japanese national team, Real Madrid, Baskonia, Alicante, Boca and San Lorenzo have been part of Lamas’ career, who passed through the microphones of ‘We Like Basket’ by Radio MARCA to make balance of his career.

Trajectory: “When I finished the Olympic Games with Japan I was reflecting for a few months and I made that decision. It leaves me alone to close my career in a moment of fullness. I started at the age of 24, it has been a long time organizing my personal and family life to be able to direct. Not living with the suitcase packed is what has led me to make the decision. I am satisfied and proud to have managed the Argentine national team, Real Madrid, Boca, San Lorenzo, in ACBI was in the most important places in FIBA ??basketball. The most important thing is the moments shared in 3 countries and 10 different teams and over time I would have liked to spend another year in Madrid or go to an NBA team, that I had the opportunity and I did not see it. Scola in 2011 told me several times that the thing was going to open up and I didn’t prepare accordingly.”

Legacy in Argentina: “I have been part of the golden generation in 3 different stages. I always accompanied that group and these days they have told me things that touch my soul. Ginobili and Scola have represented Argentina in the best way in the world. have been exemplary on and off the pitch and have had a love of the game that leaves a legacy for generations to come. In Argentina we have a few athletes in ball sports who show our best face and the best values ??that we have as a country.”

Lamas, together with Ginobili in Beijing 2008
Lamas, together with Ginobili in Beijing 2008

CBA Stage: “A great weight in my career, made me a better coach. I was with children who went to school and from that day we have a link with Spain. The ACB is the best competition there is after the NBA. At that time Scola, Nocioni, Navarro, Bodiroga, Gasol played… I came back a better coach. I left early because I arrived at Baskonia at 34 and Real Madrid at 39. I always had it as an objective to train in the ACB. It was a very special place.”

Stage at Real Madrid: “The club has a unique global dimension. I remember training in San Antonio in the NBA Summer League as coach of Real Madrid and when the General Manager introduced me he did it as Julio Lamas, coach of Real Madrid, the most important team in the world outside the NBA. I am aware that I am the only Latin American who managed Real Madrid and I improved enormously alongside people who are still on the staff today. It has been a privilege and maybe if I had won the ULEB, there would have been a second year. I was in a unique place in the world and I am very proud to have been there.”

Julio Lamas, in a press conference with Real Madrid
Julio Lamas, in a press conference with Real Madrid

Campazzo and the NBA: “You have to take the challenge and go and if it doesn’t work out afterwards, you come back. I understand that the players want to prove themselves. I feel sorry for his situation because he just fell into a team that needs a point guard more specialized than him, but I think Facundo can play in the NBA on another team.”

Laprovittola moment:“He is in the best moment of his career in terms of maturity, the Higgins injury fell like a glove because as a finisher he is doing tremendous. He has extracted oil from that opportunity and is with tremendous confidence, he sees the hoop as a bullring. In the end, one knows that Campazzo, Llull, Ginobili or Navarro go to the team they go to, they are going to make their team better and Nico fitted in with this Barça team”.

I retire fully and calmly, I have been to the most important places in FIBA ??basketball

Julio Lamas, Argentine basketball coach

Deck: “He is a talent, much more than it appears at first glance, and he wants to be at Real Madrid more than anywhere else.. The cards are not going well for the poor man, but he has to put up with it because things will turn out for the best.”

Vildoza: “I think his style of play is going well in the NBA, is vertical, fast, has a long shot. He comes from moments that are not the best, but he can have the opportunity in Milwaukee.”

Future:“I’m not going to change basketball for football., but Abel Balbo invited me to be part of his coaching staff if he signed for a team in Argentina next year. It could be a different challenge.”

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