Just a showdown. It is the minimum record between Spain and Georgia since the former Soviet republic began to compete independently in 1995. The match was played in Celje (Slovenia) in the first phase of the 2013 Eurobasket, in which Spain ended up hanging the medal bronze and the Georgians did not qualify for second.

The final result was 83-59 (41-29 at halftime) with Spain’s minutes and points widely distributed. Ricky Rubio (16 points and 3 assists), Sergio Rodríguez (15 points with 3 triples) and Llull (with another 3 3-point baskets) presented good numbers. Marc Gasol and Xavi Rey were the national team’s top rebounders, with 8 each. The Georgian team played three of the players who were present on Friday: Shermadini (10 points), Burjanadze (2) and Otra Pkhakdze, who against the Ukrainians did not take to the court.

None of the Spanish protagonists of that party are in Jaén. The 2013 Eurobasket, directed by Juan Antonio Orenga, was played by Pablo Aguilar, Rudy Fernández, Sergio Rodríguez, Xavi Rey, Jose Calderón, Ricky Rubio, Víctor Claver, Fernando San Emeterio, Sergio Llull, Marc Gasol, Germán Gebriel and Alex Mumbrú.

So the second Spain-Georgia match will also correspond to an official competition match.

EUROBASKET 2013: Spain 83-Georgia 59

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