Lithuanian forward Justinas Olechnavicius, 1.94 meters tall, temporarily joins the ranks of CB Almansa with AFANION. Olechnavicius was already part of the CB Almansa squad for the 2018/2019 season, with fond memories for the Blue Tide, since it was the year of promotion to LEB ORO. Three years later, he returned to Almansa to reinforce the La Mancha team.


At the beginning of last season, Justinas played at Oviedo Club Baloncesto and later concluded the 2020/21 season at Círculo Gijón Baloncesto de LEB PLATA, where he was fighting for promotion positions. His averages in 21 games were 12.9 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1 steal.

Justinas Olechnavicius, ready to pitch in, The native Šiauliai player arrives in the city of La Mancha to help the team as much as possible and to fight for a place for the rest of the season. A player with a good hand and a competitive character, Justinas Olechnavicius is looking for her opportunity at LEB ORO after the experience with Oviedo last season.

Justinas Olechnavicius joins the discipline of CB Almansa with AFANION. Photo: Oviedo Club BaloncestoIn statements by our coach Rubén Perelló: “In principle, we incorporated Justinas with a 3-month temporary contract but with the possibility of being able to extend it. His incorporation will come in handy to help us on a day-to-day basis with training. We must remember that Josep Pérez is not yet in a position to join the group and continues with his recovery process.

Justin is a player who knows the house and knows our way of working. We are sure that the adaptation period will be quick. You have to be ambitious and work hard on a day-to-day basis to earn a place in the team. I’m sure we’ll see a more mature Justinas in the game. Its threat in the foreign launch and its competitive character, in addition to the desire and enthusiasm, must prevail above all. “

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