Melilla Sport Capital trained this morning with a pleasant surprise, which was not the addition of player JV Mukama to the group.


The Canadian forward, who saw his arrival in our city delayed by bureaucratic issues, landed yesterday Tuesday and this morning he completed his first session as the dean’s player.

As soon as training was over, Mukama spoke to the club’s media to talk about his first feelings, explain how he lived the wait and highlight how excited he is and how eager he already has to debut with the team.

ALREADY IN MELILLA: “I’m happy to be here. It has been a long process, but as I told my colleagues, better late than never. It’s my first day here, I even had a cramp, something that I knew could happen because I flew all day yesterday. From what I’ve seen from my teammates, I’m really looking forward to playing ”.

LONG WAIT: “The wait was a long time. I would get up and think that the team had already been here since August. Luckily we have always been in communication, learning the plays from me when I was in Canada. Also, some of the players added me on Instagram and have been talking to me and telling me to ask anything. They were very nice about that. “

FIRST TRAINING: “I think it’s okay so far. As expected I have been a bit lost, but learning the plays, seeing where and how to find my partner to try to help the team as much as possible ”.

RECEPTION: “They are all great, no complaints. They have given me a good welcome, asking me if I needed anything, I think it was good on the first day and I can’t wait for the next ones.

STATE OF FORM: “I think I’m fine and I need to fuck these guys. They have been training for several months and I am not in that shape, but I will be soon. I take it as a personal challenge ”.

WANTING TO DEBUT: “We have not talked about the game and I think I will be almost ready. I am here in Melilla, ready to play, make mistakes and learn from the coaches. Luckily this is a great group and it’s not just me. I’m excited”.

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