ORan exceptional performance by Tyler kalinoski led the Breogán River to him fifth win of the season (76-66) against Gran Canaria, which came to have eleven points of advantage in the third quarter and faded at that moment, something that the people of Lugo took advantage of to win the match at the Pazo dos Deportes.

The American escort finished with 23 points and 26 valuation in a game that you will save in your video library.

Paco Olmos bet on the muscle of Jordan sakho to try to counter the Canaries, who took the jump and started sending, although the locals reacted with five points from Lukovic (7-4) in those first moments.


  • 76-Río Breogán (16 + 16 + 22 + 22): Bell-Haynes (6), Lukovic (15), Sakho (4), Sergi Quintela, Musa (12) -five starting-, Kacinas (3), Kalinoski ( 23), Erik Quintela (3), Mahalbasic (9), Iván Cruz (-)
  • 66-Gran Canaria (11 + 23 + 20 + 12): Albicy (4), Brussino (10), Shurna (9), Ennis (15), Pustovyi (6) -starting five-, Slaughter (7), Kramer ( 7), Ilimane Diop (2), Stevic (-), Salvo (4), Khalifa Diop (2).
  • Referees: Pérez Pizarro, Martín Caballero and Carlos Merino.
  • Incidents: Match of the ninth day of the Endesa League played at the Pazo dos Deportes in Lugo before more than 4,000 spectators.

Gran Canaria managed to contain Dzanan Musa, who took more than eight minutes to contribute the first points to his team. The Bosnian did it with a triple to put it 14-11 on the scoreboard that ended on the side of the hosts (16-11) in the first quarter after three minutes without success from the visitors.

Visitor reaction

The team of Porfirio Fisac reacted at the start of the second with two triples and a 2-8 run in a minute and a half (18-19) to take command of an even match, which was joined by John Shurna on the Canarian side, and in which Kalinoski and Musa managed to leave the difference in two points with a great action before the break (32-34).

The celestial ones had been finer in the shots of three than in those of two (44 percent to 28), Musa equalized the game (34-34) in the resumption, but Gran Canaria left with good defense, brilliant minutes, although with some mole, from Pustovyi that prompted the visitors.

They got to put eleven up (41-52, m.26) Taking advantage of the fact that Sakho had been loaded with personnel and they forced Olmos to stop the game. There the Breogán reacted, with fresh air that Kalinoski contributed. A 13-0 run put them ahead 54-52 and a Kramer basket leveled the score before going into the final ten minutes.

Insular blackout

The ring narrowed for Gran Canaria, not for Breogán. Kalinoski continued in the last quarter With his great performance and with a stopper, a subsequent slap and another basket of two he put his team up seven (67-60) with less than three minutes to go.

The people of Lugo, with their escort in a state of grace, consolidated their advantage, which grew to eleven points with 1:18 to play, time in which the Canaries came to reduce it to six to finish at ten.

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