“She´s my MVP”he screamed Karlie Samuelson pointing to his sister in one of the last images of the garter title celebration Salamanca still on the parquet of Würzburg.

An image composed of four words and just a few seconds, but that perfectly summed up what had been a season in which Katie and Lou they had been able to meet again a few months before under the defense of the same shield. A fact that both longed to star in again and that had not occurred since their distant high school days.

But Karlie’s arrival in the city a year earlier had served as the gateway to the city for a Katie Lou who has felt comfortable in Salamanca thanks to the schemes of a team in which she has grown up as a player. Because of the hand of Roberto Íñiguez This indisputable four has been able to gain ground to the position of three based on a lot of work and dozens of hours of training.

Quite a challenge on a personal level and who knows if a turning point in the face of a still uncertain future and in which only the passage of weeks will be able to reveal whether or not there will be an encore option of the Samuelson sisters in the cozy college town.

Although listening to the last words of Katie Lou before getting on the plane that will take both of them back home, perhaps version 2.0 of both in the city is a little closer …

Katie Lou Samuelson: “We have to give a lot of credit to the season we have done”

When on the morning of this Saturday the little one of the Samuelson sisters loads her suitcase on the belt of the check-in desk at the Madrid-Barajas airport, she may have to “scratch her pocket” to pay the corresponding overweight tax.

An action that will surely be gladly carried out by a Katie Lou whose return luggage is a bit more bulky than the one with which she had arrived in Salamanca last September. Because, among clothes, belongings and souvenirs, the North American has had to accommodate the accrediting trophy as champion of the Super Cup, the replica of the league title, the corresponding MVP of the finals and both awards as a member of the ideal quintet of both LF Endesa and of the Euroleague.

A whole record that, as the player herself recognizes, has made them feel really proud: “We are really happy with what we have achieved. The team has worked really hard over the last few months to get to this point and to see how we have been able to solve this last League final has been something really incredible “.

A competition that she discovered at the hands of her sister Karlie and in which both have once again felt comfortable sharing spaces on the track: “When we play together, good things happen. It has been very special to play with her again and it has been a great help to be able to have someone like her close when you are so far from home ”.

Because, with their help, everything has been a little easier in a premiere campaign in which LF Endesa has left a great impact on the little Samuelson: “I have discovered a competition that I had good references about, but that I thought was really good. There are teams with a lot of talent and players with a lot of quality that make it very difficult to win every game, that’s why I think we should give a lot of credit to the season we have had as a team “.

A year in which, as he acknowledges, a large part of the merit of both his MVP and the titles he won belongs to his teammates: “For me it is a great pride, but it really belongs to all the teammates since, to do what we did over the last two games, we needed the strength of the whole team and they have made it possible”.

In this way, Katie Lou put the icing on the cake after a year in which she has been really happy in a city of Salamanca to which she does not renounce to return next year: “It has been a great season, here I have met some really incredible colleagues who have made us a real family. Furthermore, Salamanca is a great city that I would like to continue experiencing in the future … But we’ll see! “.