ANDhe Unicaja is experiencing one of its worst moments in recent history in terms of sport. The team from Malaga fell to Cluj Napoca in the first match of the Top 16 of the Basketball Champions League. A disastrous match for the Los Guindos club that made Katsikaris explode, whose stay in the Malaga team is beginning to be in danger. Unicaja is out of the Copa del Rey, far from the ACB playoffs and has started the next round of the competition with defeat, which has to be its lifeline. The Hellenic coach exploded in the press room with some words that still echo in Carpena.

I want players who give everything and if we don’t do this, I don’t know what we’re going to do. We go out to play to see what happens

“We must be aware, me first, that we are in a very screwed up situation. This club and this shirt do not deserve it. I want players who give everything and if we do not do this, I do not know what we are going to do. We go out to play to see what happens. We all have to give what we have inside. We can’t go on like this. If we don’t start to really suffer, we have nothing to do. It’s groundhog day, the same thing happens to us in every game. It doesn’t matter what Let’s talk in videos, in training, etc,” said the coach.

If you are not willing to give everything, really, to throw ourselves on the ground, make fouls, work… I am very, very hurt and I am self-critical… We are at the bottom and the first thing is to change the mentality

Katsikaris kept talking about the situation and his players. “They are all very good people and good players, I am not going to blame only the players for today’s defeat. If you are not available to give everything, really, throw us to the ground, make fouls, work… very very hurt and I do self-criticism; and if we are, we can do something good. Show off our chest because we are at the bottom. Change the mentality, the first thing. Without those things, how are you going to win games, “concluded the typesetter coach. A very touched Katsikaris who experiences his worst moments in office just in the month in which he has completed a year since his arrival at Carpena.