Keith Omoerah, a 29-year-old guard, will be a peñista player for the next season. Omoerah, who arrives from the French Poitiers Basket 86, will have his first experience at LEB Oro at the hands of Levitec Huesca.

During the past season at Poitiers Basket 86, he played eight games in which he averaged 9.62 points, 4.5 rebounds and 2 assists in the 27.4 minutes he played on average per game.

In addition, during the first part of last season he played for the Ukrainian MBC Mykolaiv where he averaged 12.8 points, 4.78 rebounds and 4.11 assists in the 29.8 minutes he played per game.

For Sergio Lamúa, coach of Levitec Huesca, Keith Omoerah is a “player with experience in Europe in different leagues who can occupy both the position of 2 and that of 3”. Likewise, he highlights his “great knowledge of the game and his ability to play offensive situations of all kinds from 1×1 to Q&A situations, both to score and to generate game”.

On the other hand, Lamúa also values ??”good physique and great defensive capacity, being able to defend any outside position, in addition to being able to help on the rebound”.

Omoerah, in his first words as a supporter, has indicated that he is very excited about the start of the new season and eager to start training.