With experience in Spain (ZTE Real Canoe from LEB ORO and Zornotza from LEB SILVER), he comes to the La Mancha team to contribute in different facets. Intensity on both sides of the court, physical presence and ability to rebound. The ex-Canoe player contributed 10 points, 6 rebounds and 11.5 PIR credits on average to the Madrid team in 26 games in just over 23 minutes of play.

Kevin Bercy, a born worker for CB AlmansaKevin is a versatile player, since he can occupy the position of 4 and 5. His ability to rebound and his work in the paint, will provide the Almansa team with more weapons with which to compete before the great teams of LEB ORO.

In the words of our coach Rubén Perelló: “Kevin, as with Eddy, is a player we have followed since we faced him in LEB SILVER. Without a doubt, he is a player who perfectly adapts to the characteristics we were looking for in that position. Kevin will bring rebounding, low post play and even the ability to play headshot. His versatility, versatility and intensity on both sides of the court will be a plus for the team. We are sure that his 2nd season in the LEB ORO will be better. “