ANDl Herbalife continues to take flight in the Endesa League, after winning 90-81 this Sunday in its fiefdom of the Gran Canaria Arena against a fierce Acunsa GBC who in the end had to capitulate to the success from the outside of the yellows and with the good make the Kilpatrick-Shurna duo (17 points each), which allowed to deactivate the versatility of the visitors Okouo (23) and Faggiano (17).

After an excellent start by the San Sebastian, who left with a six-point advantage (4-10) with the success of Radoncic in the perimeter and Okouo in the area, the island team managed to turn the tables in no time with two triples from Kilpatrick and Slaughter (12-10).

From there, the exchange of blows increased. Herbalife hurried their perimeter game while the Basque squad did the same from the paint. Dimsa and Albicy’s outside pitches countered Okouo -9 points in the first period- and especially an imperial Radoncic, who scored a spectacular dunk when the clash looked more than close, closing the opening quarter with a tight 22-23 for the donostiarras.

In the second act, Marcelo Nicola’s pupils took the initiative with the entry of Olaizola and Span (24-28), but it was a short-lived rebound. Two 3-pointers by Shurna and a third long pitch from center Matt Costello led to the Argentine coach’s timeout (33-28) to five minutes before the break.

Despite the tactical hiatus, Herbalife remained determined to extend the distances from the 6.75 line. Kilpatrick joined the particular contest of Shurna, increasing the distance to 13 points (43-30), although Acunsa knew how to weigh down the yellow inside game, forcing even the fourth staff of the Polish center Olek Balcerorwski (48-42).

In the resumption, Guipuzkoa Basket continued to appeal to the inside game, taking advantage of the yellow’s problems with the personnel -Stevic and Costello were also beginning to be loaded with personnel-, obtaining revenue from both Radoncic and Okouo (52-50).

The visitors again took the lead with a triple by Faggiano (58-60), although again they saw the advantage disappear with the triples of Albicy and Beirán (64-60). Okouo tried to balance from the area but Gran Canaria already used Balcerowski again to stand in the last quarter with 71-67 in favor.

Already in the final round, the game went into a real run, with numerous failures in the selection of shots in both hoops. Faggiano pressed on the electronic (73-70) but again the turnovers weighed down Acunsa, also waking up Shurna and Kilpatrick’s wrist again, sealing Herbalife’s triumph with an eloquent 90-81.

Data sheet:

90. Herbalife Gran Canaria (22 + 26 + 23 + 19): Slaughter (5), Kilpatrick (17), Shurna (17), Balcerowski (7), Beirán (7) -titling quintet- Albicy (10), Diop (2), Dimsa (7), Costello (13), Okoye ( 3), Stevic (2).

81. Acunsa GBC (23 + 19 + 25 + 14): Tomàs (8), Okouo (23), Foggiano (17), Oroz (2), Radoncic (13) -the starting five-, Carlson (-), Span (3), Motos (-), Dee (8), Magarity (5) and Olaizola (2).

Referees: Juan Carlos García, Rafael Serrano and Carlos Merino. Local Olek Balcerowski was eliminated by personnel.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-seventh day of the Endesa League, played at the Gran Canaria Arena.

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