ORn last action almost desperate and suicidal made Gran Canaria take the victory at the Martin Carpena. Kramer threw a bomb on the horn that allowed the visitors to wrest the victory from the Malaga club. Fotis Katsikaris’s men added the second consecutive defeat of the week just when they were already celebrating the victory.

It was not the best start for Unicaja. Even with the doubts of Tenerife and with the anxiety of wanting to please and convince his audience. Inaccurate and with problems when finding hoop. A resounding partial of the islanders put Gran Canaria ahead (6-12) in the first minutes of the crash. From there, Unicaja pressed on defense.

A slight partial approached the people of Malaga, but Gran Canaria controlled the rent with greater pause. Khaliffa Diop continued to hurt the people of Malaga in the paint. Meanwhile, Jaime Fernández and Axel Bouiteille were the only ones who saw the rival’s aiming ring in the Katsikaris team.

The visitors stepped on the gas and returned to maintain a good income less than two minutes from the end of the first quarter with a Pustovyi basket that began to hurt. (13-20) Next, a mate from Nzosa left the image for the poster and the end of the quarter (15-20)

Unicaja did not improve the staging at the beginning of the second quarter. Partial 0-4 by Gran Canaria (15-24) and the yellow alert was activated in Carpena. This was followed by good minutes from Tim Abromaitis with two consecutive baskets that set the fans on fire. Pustovyi maintained his strength in the area and did damage near the rim (19-24).

A subsequent technique to Jaime Fernández hardened the meeting and activated Gran Canaria again, which found its inner game to continue damaging the paint (28-34), while Unicaja did not show its best version. From there, a time-out by Fotis together with the good decisions made by Tim Abromaitis and Bouteille commanded the attack by the Malagueños who approached the scoreboard (34-36). Later, Slaughter’s basket, rest, open game and whistles to the referee trio (34-38).

It was mandatory for Unicaja to improve its image. More claw, more success and greater defensive capacity were vital issues if Los Guindos wanted to turn the crash around. That’s how it went. Despite an alternate start and exchange of baskets, Fotis Katsikaris’s men were better than their rival. Very good minutes from Cole in the direction and especially two triples from Bouteille in the fourth gave him the extra gear that the game required.

In the absence of 3:20, the Malagueños took the lead for the first time (52-50) and that opportunity was not wasted. Diop was trying to keep Gran Canaria alive (54-52), but the Malagueños were still fully successful in the outside game and also with good defensive stretches. Fernández scored by three (57-52) and left Porfirio Fisac’s men touched that ended with technique. Unicaja smelled blood and Jaime Fernández hurt until the end of the quarter (62-57).

The tables had been turned. Now Gran Canaria was wondering and Unicaja thought that everything was on track. Fotis Katsikaris’s men did not finish breaking the game and the visitors took advantage of the little oxygen that they had left on the floor. Clinging to Slaughter, they were still doing a lot of damage from the outside.

At Unicaja, a Jaime Fernández responded who woke up and scored easily, but there was still a lot of cloth to cut. So much so that in the absence of 3:22, Gran Canaria equaled the score (73-73). The match in a fist. On the wire. Fears, doubts and bad final decisions made Unicaja’s legs shake. And the hoop was tiny.

When he already had the victory in his pocket, when the fans celebrated it, the outbreak came. Right in the last action, right over the horn. Kramer dropped the bomb that exploded and left Carpena speechless. Cole was not tough enough that the action required and Gran Canaria returns home with a win. Something that did not happen when they visited Malaga for more than a decade.

Data sheet:

79- Unicaja (15 + 19 + 28 + 17): Jaime Fernández (18), Norris Cole (14), Bouteille (16), Barreiro (0), Eric (10) -the starting five-. Alberto Díaz (3), Abromaitis (11), Alonso (3) Nzosa (2) and Rubén Guerrero (-).

80 – Gran Canaria (20 + 18 + 19 + 23): Kramer (2), Ilimane Diop (2), AJ Slaughter (16), Brussino (8), Shurna (10) -the starting five- Albicy (0), Khalifa Diop (11), Miquel Salvó (14), López (0 ), Pustovyi (10), Ennis (5), Stevic (2).

Referees: Antonio Conde, Arnau Padrós and Fabio Fernández.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 3 of the Endesa League, played at the José María Martín Carpena Pavilion before 2,905 spectators.

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