Born in Amurrio and with more than half a life linked to the benches, Urieta will continue to lead the elite team from her homeland, where she will again combine the task of coach with the complicated function of being responsible for sports management and clothing. of the first team squad. She has been recognized three times (2016, 2019 and 2020) as best coach, an annual award granted by the Association of Spanish Basketball Coaches. In the 2019/20 season, she was also chosen as the best coach of the Endesa Women’s League.

After spending three summers in different training categories (achieving gold in the 2016 U20), since 2019 he is part of the technical staff of the Spanish National Team. In his debut he won gold at the Eurobasket in Serbia and Latvia. He has recently been at the Eurobasket in France and Spain and at the Tokyo Olympics.


The Gasteiztarra Redondo will continue one more year as Urieta’s right hand, a tandem that will celebrate its seventh consecutive year at the helm of Araski’s first team. A director of the club since its foundation in 2010, he will once again combine his tasks in the Endesa Women’s League team with his coordination functions in the quarry and activities of the entity, where he also directs a group each season.

It is up to him to do the previous scouting of each game and to analyze every detail that can make the victory fall from one side or the other in a match.


The Argentine Ciavattini is one of the new faces that the staff presents. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports and has completed several postgraduate courses related to physical preparation or the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries. He has also been trained with a Master’s degree in training or in team sport. All this combined with his professional training at club level with Sant Adria, where he achieved several successes with the first team and with the quarry teams or recently at the Promete Campus.
At an international level, since 2015 he is one of the physical trainers of the Spanish training teams, passing through practically all the categories. This last summer he has been with the U18 in the European Challenger disputed in Greece.


The laudiotarra Julen Vázquez will continue to manage the functions of team delegate of Kutxabank Araski. It will be his fourth year in charge of this position, which also combines it as a coach of quarry teams.

Their responsibility in the team is great, and it is that a team delegate acts as a link between players and staff or management. He is the person who is always available to the players for any questions that may arise. His functions are greater on match days or on trips, and it is that his figure falls on everything related to clothing, schedules, supplies and a long list of tasks.


Iciar García is a sports consultant born in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Committed to the club since her incorporation at the beginning of 2019, her work is of vital importance within the team. With group and individual sessions, their role is to work on all the emotional and mental aspects that facilitate the team to improve their sporting results. Thus, he is in charge of organizing various group activities to keep group morale high, something fundamental in elite sport.


Raquel Pérez will lead the Kutxabank Araski physiotherapy along with her entire Akari team. The woman from Vitoria knows the club very closely, and she was a player of it until the 2014/15 season, becoming part of the first team in the season of her debut in Women’s League 2.

Pérez has a degree in physiotherapy from the University of Zaragoza and is specialized in pelvic floor and women’s health, therapeutic exercise, clinical psychoneuroimmunology and myofascial induction. He is manager of the AKARI Health and Wellbeing center since 2008, a collaborating entity of the club.

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