Valencia Basket took the duel against Hereda San Pablo Burgos in a game that at times the Burgos were better, but that finally prevailed (65-69) the success in the important minutes of the men of Joan Peñarroya, on a night when he was reunited with his fans.

The effort of San Pablo In the second half, in which he was better than his rival, it was not enough to add the fourth consecutive victory, although he was close to winning Valencia Basket for the first time at the Coliseum.

Louise labeyrie opened the scoring and set the pace for the first quarter, in the first ten minutes in which Valencia Basket shared the ball better and was more active on the rebound to dominate the first quarter with 19-23 on the scoreboard.

The good success of Dani Diez and the great game that was curdling Xavi Rabaseda In all aspects of the game, they helped a San Pablo stay on the scoreboard who disconnected after six minutes of play and conceded a 0-9 partial that led Tabak’s team to go in tow and make up the result thanks to Alex Renfroe and Rabaseda himself (38-46).


  • 65-Inherit San Pablo Burgos (19 + 19 + 16 + 11): Kravic (9), Nikolic (7), Benite (7), Braimoh (8), Rabaseda (7) – starting five – Queeley (-), Salash (-), Díez (11), McGee (6), García (-), Renfroe (8), Zack (2).
  • 69-Valencia Basket (23 + 23 + 11 + 12): Claver (2), Puerto (0), Pradilla (11), Hermansson (14) and Rivero (6) – starting five – Dimitrejevic (10), López-Arostegui (5), Labeyrie (15), Ferrando (0), Van Rosson (6), Bressan (-), Jiménez (-).
  • Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo – Alberto Sánchez Sixto – Carlos Merino
  • Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 6 of the Endesa League held at the Coliseum Burgos before 7610 spectators. A tribute was paid to the coach Joan Peñarroya and the player Jasiel Rivero as well as the Paralympic swimmer Marta Fernández.

It was difficult for Peñarroya’s men to enter the game, with more than 4 minutes without scoring in which San Pablo cut distances, in the best minutes of the Burgos team who managed to turn the scoreboard (50-49) not only with good attacks but also in defense despite finishing behind the third quarter (54-57).

The Burgos team returned to dominate on the scoreboard, but in a quarter with low scoring, the Taronja had more success, especially outside, together with the mistake of the locals who could take victory in the final minutes but ended up falling in the final moments.