Walking together from the Promotion Phase to the Women’s League in May 2016, the brand of the cooperative of farmers from Navarra is one of the most important collaborators of the club. And how could it be otherwise, Laturale will continue to support Araski’s project.

Throughout the season they carry out various activities with our structure, from the first team to the most txikitinas, with visits to training and campus, always with the aim of giving importance to healthy habits in general and the nutritional value of dairy in particular. And it is that milk is a unique, complete, balanced and irreplaceable food. A very beneficial food for our health and at all stages of life as it helps maintain a balanced diet, as long as it is quality milk.

Lacturale is the 1st Integrated Production milk at the national level. But Laturale is not only MILK, it is not only a BRAND, it is COMMITMENT. Commitment to the environment, to its customers and to local suppliers In addition, they COLLABORATE HELPING SOCIETY, allocating €0.02/litre to sport, culture, solidarity… In short, Lacturale offers an innovative, healthy and superior quality product, a “product committed to society” generating well-being and employment.

All of us who form ARASKI would like to thank all of you who form LACTURALE for your COMMITMENT to our project. That is why we encourage all Araskizales to become Lactuconsumidor@s. Because we are teams that make a team.


#LacturaleSabeASalud #LacturaleZaporeOsasungarria